Amputation Recovery Family Wanted

This little black kitten was dumped at the age of 2 months with a bad foot.  It has been determined that her left leg will need to be amputated due to permanent nerve damage and the loss of use of her foot.  She was either born this way or had some bad accident.  Since she was wandering outside dragging her leg she had raw skin abrasions.  She has been in foster care and has healed nicely.  She is now about 3 months old, healthy and very active.  She runs, jumps on counters, jumps up on your bed, in your lap and does not know she is handicapped.  She is with two large dogs and chases another 1 year old male cat all over the house.  She is very happy and is in need of a foster that can care for her during her recovery and then she will need a furever home.

If you can foster or adopt her so she can have her surgery she would be most grateful. Please email or call JoAnn at 561-313-2005.

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