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Happy St. Patricks Day

When Irish Eyes are Smiling, You know they are up to something!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Halloween 2016


Teaching Luke to be a “Destiny for Dogs” Volunteer

Luke kissing Layla

Tippy on Vacation in Ohio

03 FullSizeRender IMG_2289


13062012_1170657499634225_8432349705698564825_n13226865_1180685138631461_5474603241334845949_nChihuahua DoctorPlease read Christian’s story by clicking this link ( #prayersforchristian ) or type it in your search bar.  Christian is a fellow animal lover and needs your prayers and contributions.  Sometimes you need love and comfort and your pets will provide that unconditionally.  This is Christian before and after his illness took over his life and as you can see his beloved friend is still by his side.

I thought it was a white chocolate “Easter Bunny”

05-20-16 Frenchies


05-20-16 Frenchie Shopping List

Happy Easter from “Nippy” Spade

Easter 2016 from the Tobin Spade

Happy Easter 2016

Easter 2016 from Kat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016

St. Patricks Day 2016

Happy Holidays 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Tippy Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas

2015 Christmas - Tippy Spade

Happily Ever After 02


Frankie wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are so thankful to have her in our lives.


Happy 4th of July 2015

4th of July Kat's Dogs 2015

Greta Wishes Everyone a Happy Easter 2015

Easter 2015 Chuck HarbstEaster 2015 Chuck Harbst

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2015

St. Patricks Day 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day from Darla, Jacki O and Spencer

Valentine's Day 2015

Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 Kat's DogsPhoto provided by Kat and Bill Ziagos

Happy Halloween 2014!!

Happy Halloween 2014

Kat’s Rescue JackPack

JackPack from KatI think those are smiles on those dogs!!  Being rescued is one of the greatest joys a dog and their new families will experience.  I hope everyone can join the rescue family.

Happy 4th of July 2014

4th of July Kat's Dogs


Kat and Bill Happy EasterrKat and Bill and their wonderful rescue babies wish everyone a very Happy Easter!





Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Happy Halloween (2013) from Chloe

Happy Halloween 2013 ChloeLook at my new life.  I am so happy to have found my family through “Destiny for Dogs”.  I have never been trick or treating before and I think I like it.  I am Chloe and I am the one guarding the goody bag!!

Happy 2013 Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Coleman Babies ! !

Marcia Coleman Hallloween Angels

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Looking Good at 16!!

Peanut - Cheryl Dyck's dog at 16 years oldWho says you can’t look good at age 16!

Trixie the Ballerina

Trixie - Cheryl Dyck's Dog in TooToo layingMeet Trixie our little ballerina.  Her mommy Cheryl is very proud of her sweet angel who looks forward to getting dressed up each and every day.

Peanut and Trixie are looking Fabulous!!

Peanut - Cheryl Dyck's dogTrixie - Cheryl Dyck's DogCheck out “Peanut” and “Trixie who belong to Cheryl Dyck.  Looks like they are ready to go to a nice summer party!

Cute Frenchie Pics

If you don’t smile when you see these photos you just don’t have a big !

Frenchie 01Frenchie 02Frenchie 03Frenchie 04Frenchie 05


It’s a Girl!!

Its a girlNow this is the way to tell your husband the gender of your new baby!!

We have heard this before!

He's touching me

Nap Time

With sleeping maskI need a little shut eye!!

Wonderful Therapy Angels

Please meet Corky and Misty.  Both these angels were injured when they were mistreated by children.  They are now the poster dogs for educating parents on how to handle children with small dogs.  Both these angels are also used as therapy dogs by visiting the elderly at nursing homes.

I love my Daddy!!

It must be “Friday”

All We Can Say is “OMG how Cute”

Your Under Arrest!!

But Sir, how could I have been tailgating when I have no TAIL!!


 A face only a mother could love!

Go Ahead, "Make my Day"!

Oh, did you need these blueprints?

Meet Toby the French Bulldog.  Toby belongs to Josh Martorano of Deerfield Beach.  Toby often goes to work with his grandparents Nick and Melody Martorano of In Motion Builders in Pompano Beach.


Do I have something on my lip?