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Vote for Destiny for Dogs at 1-800-PetMeds

Please vote for Destiny for Dogs at 1-800-PetMeds

1-800-PetMeds is celebrating DOGust by holding a contest to help rescue shelter. Please help us continue to rescue dogs like Hannah that have medical issues that are treatable. For Hannah we covered all expense and received some donations but it was not enough to cover all costs.

The 1-800-PetMeds Cares™ DOGust Birthday Contest will pay grants towards the adoption fees of less-adoptable* dogs and/or cats at three winning 501(c)(3) shelters or rescues.

Please vote for Destiny for Dogs at and help us win.

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Sadie Needs Help with Medical Procedure


In February, my husband Zach and I decided it was time to add a furry member to our family. After many weeks of searching, we met Sadie at a local Pet Supermarket, through the rescue Destiny for Dogs.  Sadie was rescued off the streets, where she came in contact with forms of bacteria, viruses, and illnesses.  Unknown to us, Sadie spent a majority of her life struggling to breathe, on and off over 20 antibiotics, and forced to go through procedure after procedure.

In May, we were woken suddenly to Sadie again, struggling to breathe, but we knew this time it was life threatening. After spending 2 days in an emergency ICU, we took her home with no answers.  Over the past 6 months, we have met with specialists, tried additional antibiotics and medications, only for Sadie to continue to decline.  After an additional emergency visit last week, we met Dr. Armstrong who proposed a different medical path for Sadie, one that no other specialist has tried.  We completed once again, an expensive procedure, a CAT scan with IV contrast.  FINALLY, we believe we have a plan to move forward.  But we have a problem, combined between Destiny for Dogs and our personal expenses; we have spent over $10,000 on Sadie.  Sadie needs to have a sample taken from the infected part of her lungs and wash out the infected area in her nasal cavity. These two procedures are going to cost approximately $3,000.

Sadie has a special place in our hearts and is a treasured member of our family, but we have poured everything we can into her.

Please consider donating to her causes, every little bit counts.  Help us save Sadie and give her a life she has never known, a life free from infection, illness, and doctors’ visits.  Time is critical; she needs this procedure as soon as possible.

Hopscotch in Hospice

hopscoth-03Hopscotch is a 9 week old puppy found in the garbage and taken in by Destiny for Dogs.  Hopscotch has a heart condition and she will sadly “outgrow” her heart within 9 months.  Hopscotch has gained 1 pound since being rescued.  The vet and staff are taking very good care of Hopscotch and Hopscotch will remain in her foster home and we will all ensure that whatever life she has on this earth will be happy and full of love.

Many thanks to a very special someone for donating the funds for Hopscotch’s tests and offering to assist with her monthly meds.  We are still in need of assistance with Hopscotch’s vet visits. Destiny will be sending special food monthly via

Please keep this darling girl in your loving thoughts and prayers.  Please don’t worry about Hopscotch as her Hospice parents will not let a day go by without her feeling love, tenderness and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Hopscotch’s life.


13062012_1170657499634225_8432349705698564825_n13226865_1180685138631461_5474603241334845949_nChihuahua DoctorPlease read Christian’s story by clicking this link ( #prayersforchristian ) or type it in your search bar.  Christian is a fellow animal lover and needs your prayers and contributions.  Sometimes you need love and comfort and your pets will provide that unconditionally.  This is Christian before and after his illness took over his life and as you can see his beloved friend is still by his side.


Leia 05Abby Leia is with her Forever Foster family as she can not be adopted as she has “Mast Cell Cancer.”  Donations would be appreciated to keep her comfortable until she crosses over the rainbow bridge.  This is a picture of her when we first got her.  Once diagnosed no one would take her and keep her until the end of her time.  Her foster family has had her for a while and will give her all the love she deserves until she takes her last breath.  She is still happy but we know her time is short.  If you would like to donate money for her continued care please click on the donate button and make a donation or you can mail a check to our address on the contact us page.