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Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve

dr-abbottMeet the Professionals of Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve and Destiny for Dogs new Veterinarian of choice
Dr. Linda Abbott

Dr. Linda Abbott has always been crazy about animals. As a child she was usually raising a baby bird, playing with her pets, or volunteering at the local veterinarian’s office, so it seemed like going to veterinary school was a natural choice. She graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and moved immediately to Florida to escape the snow. She has been working with dogs and cats in various locations in Florida since that time. Most recently she started another veterinary practice on Northlake Blvd. She sold that practice and moved back to Kansas briefly, only to return after only one horrible winter! So now she is happy to be back in Florida and excited to be opening Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve!

Dr. Abbott has been a foster parent and is the proud adoptive mother of Summer, a human, and her four furry children: Poochie, Maxx, Popcorn, and Lily. She likes to go to Orlando and ride roller coasters( when it’s not too hot or crowded). She also loves jet skis, antique cars and scary movies.

Dr. Abbott is passionate about animal rescue. She is always picking up strays, fixing them up and finding them homes. She has worked with many local animal rescues such as Big Dog Ranch, Adopt a Cat, Luv a Pet, Animal Care and Control, Second Chance and Pet Haven and will continue to help them as much as possible in her new office.

1039 State Road 7 Suite 103, Wellington, FL 33414


Pet Sitting

Michelle Pet Sitting

Wedding Services

Katherine “Kat” Harvey is a dear friend of Destiny for Dogs and has been rescuing and loving dogs for quite some time.  All the photos you see on our “American Pet Idol” page with dogs dressed up for the holidays all come from Kat.  These are her personal rescue pets.  Please visit Kat’s web site and see what services she can provide for you or anyone you know.  You may contact Kat at or text her at 954-675-3931.

Page from Web Site

BiBi’s Boutique for Dogs – Palm Beach

BiBis BoutiqueSpecializes in color coordinated luxury collars, leashes, harnesses, dog bowls, beds, tee-shirts, coats, and other high quality items for dogs.  All products are tested on OUR animals for safety, functionality, ease of use, and are last but not least, fashion suitability.  Our 5 dogs are always happy to test the treats but less inclined for the bath products!

For more information go to

Need a Budget Friendly Vacation ?

Vacation Dog 01Make your plans today and a donation will be made to Destiny for Dogs Vacation Dog 04

Best Animal Beds Ever – Please Donate

Kuranda bedsClick on photo to donate a bed to Destiny for Dogs, Inc. or order one for yourself.



Healing Through Animals (954) 422-2715

Healing Through Animals teal final

Do you know someone who needs a emotional support animal for their mental well being but live in a Condo where pets are not allowed?  Healing Through Animals can provide services that may help get an animal approved to live in a no pet complex.  Please contact Kristy at 954-422-2715

Healing Through Animals provides Animal-Assisted Therapy and Emotional Support Animal assessments throughout South Florida, including Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Office sessions are conducted in Fort Lauderdale, while ranch sessions take place in Pembroke Pines.

Therapy services are provided by Kristy Becraft, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Kristy earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University, and a Master’s degree in Counselor Education at East Carolina University. She also holds a specialized certification in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.



WSLL-VET Consulting & Training

We are a disabled and woman owned organization. The team at WSLL-VET has a vast range of knowledge of U.S. Government contracting. We have senior level experts in U.S. Government contracting, procurement, federal contracts, acquisition policies, protests, procedures and regulations. We have taught U.S. Government contracting throughout the world to companies, government military and civilian employees.

In this site you will learn something about us, our background and the services we provide. We aim to satisfy each client by providing the most up to date, professional teaching and consulting services.

If you want a further description of our service or want to discuss possible retention of our services, please contact us at either one of our e-mail addresses or numbers.

Paws and Cherish

Individual Pet Cremation in Southeast Florida

Pets touch our lives deeply. Unconditionally loyal; they bring us happiness, companionship, love, friendship, and joy. It is only appropriate to say farewell to the one that has meant so much to you in your family and life.  The most painful time a pet owner ever has to face is the loss of their dearly loved friend. Your loss creates understandable grief for everyone. Your pet is a member of the family. Don’t leave them behind.

Compassionate Prestige Transportation after Your Pet Loss

We offer a 24 hour service. We know that loss can happen at the most inconvenient times so with our service you can call us at anytime and we will be there to help you out.  Whether it is early morning, in the middle of the night, or on the weekend; Paws and Cherish will have someone at the phones on 954-971-9966 ready to answer your call.  We operate just like a funeral home in the sense that we will drive directly to the home, pick up your pet, and take it directly to our facility and await further directions from you as to the final arrangements that need to be made.

Call 954-971-9966 or e-mail



Paws on the Avenue

Paws on the AveGet all your pet needs from our friends at Paws on the Avenue at:

525 Lake Ave

Lake Worth, FL 33460


Or follow them at

A Beautiful Smile

You know that smile you have on your face when you first see the rescue that you know will be your forever dog.  Isn’t it a wonderful feeling.  Well if your smile ever needs a little help to glow as much as your heart contact The Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jeffrey Cohen D.M.D.  Dr. Jeffrey Cohen has been a wonderful sponsor for Destiny for Dogs and we want to thank him so much for his support.  If you would like a brighter smile please go to:


L.A. Vinas Plastic Surgery and Med Spa

Why not treat your dog to a day at the Doggie Spa and then you can get a spa treatement at L.A. Vinas Med Spa.  Dr. Vinas has created a luxury facility that provides services from spa treatments to plastic surgery.  Please go to and make your appointment today for a little rest and relaxation.


The Clip Joint

Bad Hair DayIs your dog having a bad hair day?  Visit The Clip Joint and get it under control.


Dog Grooming 01




The Clip Joint

4907 S. Dixie Highway

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

(561) 582-2109



Handicap Pets and Bladder Issues

Do you have a special needs dog?  Does your dog have bladder control issues?  Does your dog lift its leg up in the house?  Does your dog have a handicap of any kind?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, your problems can be solved with Doggie Essentials.

All items are custom made for your pet and not a one size fits all type mass produced product.  Please visit their web site to get more information.