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Kira went to her loving forever home today. Look at those faces♥️

Special Thanks to Kira’s amazing foster parents, Sam & Matt for all the TLC provided to this neglected little girl and getting her where she needed to be♥️

Thanks to Sam, Matt and Kira’s new parents, she will only know love, happiness and have “Happy Days Ahead!”♥️

💕Kira and her new parents💕

Mai Mai – Good News Update

💕🐾Mai Mai the senior Shih Tzu’s, Good News Update🐾💕

Mai Mai’s beloved owner passed away three years ago. Mai Mai and her sisters were given to a trusted employee to love, nurture and care for them. Unfortunately, Mai Mai was given away then ended up at PBCACC. Her new owner didn’t want her anymore. In three years this once beautiful, healthy and very much loved little girl ended up dirty, matted, skin/eye issues, rotten teeth, tumor and cyst. Thanks to Mai Mai’s original and beloved owner’s daughter, she was rescued from the shelter and provided outstanding medical care by Dr. Abbott, Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve and her dedicated staff. Mai Mai had to have 21 teeth removed, plus surgery to remove a tumor on her neck, a cyst on her face, plus skin treatment.

Thanks to Heidi Garcia for not only assisting Dr. Abbott with Mai Mai’s surgery/treatment but for transporting her to the most amazing new parents on the west coast of Florida. Neither heavy rains or bad traffic prevented Heidi and her husband from placing Mai Mai in her new mom, Nettie’s loving arms where she so belongs. Mai Mai now has a new brother, Willie and sister, Trixie which were also rescued by Nettie and Yuan.



Special thanks to Joy Drasher, The Clip Joint for babysitting plus groomimg Mai Mai which was very difficult due to her condition.


Nettie provided this message from Mai Mai:

“Ok I think I need the biggest bed in the house? I think I going to LOVE ❤️ it here.” Mom says, “Mai Mai had a new bed that she came with, however, I guess she likes the one she chose? Like Goldie Locks, this one is hard, this one is to soft, but this one is just right (which happens to be brother, Willie’s).  I am happy she likes to eat even with the loss of 21 teeth.”

As we always say, “It takes a village to save a life and find an amazing loving forever home.”

Thanks to each and every one who touched Mai Mai’s life and cared enough about her to go that extra mile.

We are wishing Mai Mai and her new family, “Happy Days Ahead!”   


Update on Prince who is now Henry from his family:

I hope all is well. I thought you might like an update on little ‘Prince’ who was ultimately renamed Henry!

He has settled in beautifully. He and Hector are best buddies – he is everything we hoped for and more!

Also our vet believes he is closer to a year old than two years old.

Finally did you know that he is profoundly deaf? It is not an issue for us as he sticks with big brother Hector all the time and we have kitted him with a collar buzzer so we can call him when we need him. He is leaning sign language too.

I don’t know what happened to the poor fellow but this might explain how he got lost.

Anyway I will s bd you some pictures. And thank you for connecting us to our precious pup! 

Lesley Bielby


Sooo thrilled for Rocky now Brudder. Both Brudder and Greta were adopted by Chuck and Michael from Destiny for Dogs.

Thank you Sue and Bill for fostering and delivering Brudder to his new parents in Rockledge.

Dr. Abbott and Staff for the awesome vetting and cared received.

Love to all❤️



“We are so happy. 😊Thank you so much.” Tinker is very much loved by his new mom and dad.


Lucky 🍀 sure got lucky with such an amazing mom, dad and home.

Lucky 🍀 and his family

Lucky 🍀 napping poolside


“Frankie has since had Pancreatitis and has been diagnosed with Cushing’s. He still bites but it comes in waves. We consider them our tattoos. He doesn’t take his insulin shots well, but what are we going to do? He has to have them But by and large he’s a sweetheart. Follows us both around and cuddles when he isn’t crazy. Somebody’s gotta love him and we do♥️”


My dear friends adopted Frankie after fostering him. At the time Sharon and Mel took Frankie in to foster he was diabetic and a biter. They have done soooo much for Frankie. He would have died without them. Sharon & Mel are truly the definition of “Rescue Angels.”

Frankie with his Rescue Angels 💕

Lottie and Ryan

Lottie and Ryan are Happily ever After. ❤🐶

Lottie and her new family are now Happily Ever After. Lots of Love to Lottie and Ryan.❤❤❤


Scruffy with her new family ❤



Scruffy has traveled across the country to be with his new family.  After being found in a locked apartment for 17 days with no food and drinking out of the toilet and has cancer, this little guy has a new home and a new chance at life.






Love at first sight for Lexi

“Thank you Destiny for Dogs for bringing Lexi into our lives at just the right time.  It was love at first sight when we first met Lexi!”  

Welcome to your new and forever home, Lexi!  ❤

Lexi & her new forever family ❤


Tutu, who is now Sophie, is with her new loving family.

Sophie with her New Family

Prince has a Happily Ever After

Prince is living happily ever after with his new mom, dad and his canine brother…Hector.

Prince with His New Mom & Dad

Prince & his Canine Brother Hector


Adorable new couple.  Meet Prince and his new dad!! 


Teddy Loves Sitting on the DockTeddy loves sitting at the dock.  Adoption is a good life. 


Daphne aka MilliePat and Spencer enjoying Daphne so much they recommend all to adopt!

Joey is doing Awesome

Happily Ever After


FullSizeRender (20)Frankie with his new parents.  They are doing a wonderful thing for Frankie.


cheebee-04Adopted ♥♥

Sapphire Needs a New Home

sapphire-01Adopted ♥♥


simba-01Adopted ♥♥


IMG_2543Adopted ♥♥

Bailey – Chihuahua

image3Adopted ♥♥


after-surgery-with-new-familyGood news update on this sweet and loving girl.  Heidi had a large bladder stone which caused her to bleed so she had surgery to remove the stone.  She is feeling awesome and in her loving forever home.  Thanks to all who helped save this darling girl.

Chanel Update – December 2016

02Chanel is still living happily ever after and having a wonderful holiday.

Hunter, More Than 2 Years Later

hunter-02From being dumped at animal control to an unknown fate to living happily ever after over 2 years later.  Life is good!happily-ever-after-2016




happily-ever-afterThis is what Happily Ever After looks like!!


leeloo-03Adopted and very happy…still!!leeloo-01

Toby Loves His New Family



Elvis 01Elvis has left the building…and has been ADOPTED!!

Alexi Lab Mix

alexi-01ADOPTED !

Skyrocket and Babies

Skyrocket 02

Kittens 01 Kittens 02 Kittens 03Skyrocket 01All kittens ADOPTED and mom is a foster failure and going to stay with her foster family…forever

Chelsea Still Spoiled

happily-ever-afterSeveral years later and Chelsea is still loving life.  She just came back from the groomer and apparently it is exhausting to get this beautiful!!


zoey-02 zoey-05 zoey-06ADOPTED

Joey – Hoarding Puppy


Zee – Yorkie

Zee 01 Adopted with my sibling Gee

Gee – Yorkie

Gee 02 Adopted with my sibling Zee.


kat-adopted-chicaChica hit the Jackpot with her new mom and her JRT siblings.  We cannot wait for her holiday dress up photos.  Go to our “American Pet Idol” page and you will see Chica’s family all dressed up.


happily-ever-after-02My new daddy was out of town for a few days and now that he is back I want to be with him all the time.  I love him very much happily-ever-after-04 happily-ever-after

Kora Found a Home

img_2659After my long ride from California to Florida with my new rescue friend I have found a forever home and enjoying watching sports in my new bid with my new family.

Black Kitten

Black Kitten 01Adopted!

Shiloh – Yorkie

Shiloh 03Adopted

Rita – Chi Mix

happily-ever-afterRita is now living happily ever after!

Bailey – Puggle

01I am living happily ever after




Alexi 02



Happily Ever AfterAdopted!!





Betty and New Mom

Betty 01


Happily Ever AfterMiles first day of high school with Sophie.

First Day of School

Shadow Has a New Family

FullSizeRender (22)Shadow has a new family and there is one more canine sibling at home happily waiting for Shadow’s arrival.

Willow and Shadow Update

image1Willow and Shadow were both adopted and living a wonderful life. Willow when found was tied to a pole outside, dirty, depressed and it was obvious that she already had puppies.  We have attached her before photo along with her “Happily Ever After Photos” with her other adopted canine sibling.  This is also a message from their family:

“To all the rescue angels at Destiny for Dogs. Thank you so much for bringing these two adorable sweet dogs into our family.  Please take comfort in knowing you have given them and us a better life and so much love!”

image2 image5 image6 image3 image4


Happily Ever AfterUpdate from Charlie’s new family…”Here is a picture of Mr. Charlie and my two girls.  He has really been a really good dog.  He doesn’t know he is 15 years old.  He has fully recovered from all his illnesses and has put on a couple of pounds.  He likes his life now and is very happy and very active.  He is a very happy dog.”

Dexter – ADOPTED

IMG_1035 IMG_9044Dexter is a 4-5 month old purebred min pin male puppy.

Bo the Puggle – ADOPTED


Bo is an 8 year old Puggle (part pug part beagle).

Layla and her new Sissy

Layla and sissyLayla (right) and her new sister playing in the back yard.  These babies love the freedom to run in this big beautiful backyard.

Bear’s First Camping Trip

Bonnie now Bear CampingCampingBonnie was adopted and her name was changed to Bear because she is so cuddly and loves to go camping.  This is a rescue’s dream.  Many happy days ahead for Bear and her new family.

Chanel Update

Happily Ever AfterChanelChanel and her new mom doing what they love to do…SHOP!!


Happily Ever AfterFiFi with her new mom…who looks happier?

Cookie and George

Happily Every After 05-13-16Cookie and George go everywhere together.  A rescue’s dream.  Thank you George for loving Cookie so much.

Dudley and Dad

Happily Ever After 05-13-16Dudley’s dad says, “He just won’t leave me alone.  This is his way of getting attention.  Man! I love this dog!”


IMG_14931_resizedIMG_14911_resizedIMG_14841_resizedIMG_14811_resizedDudley has a new big home, new big canine siblings and a new family with a big heart


Happily Ever AfterAnnie’s new mom says, “She is a joy and a treasure.”  Happy days ahead for Annie and her new forever family.


Happily Ever AfterCasey was groomed today, has a new home, going to see the doctor and going to dream about the good life in his new forever home.

Riley and Cooper Stayed Together

Happily Ever AfterRiley and Cooper on their first night of many nights with their new mommy.  We are so thankful that their new mommy did not separate them and allowed them to be together forever.

Turbo now Henry

1364image1This was Turbo when he was rescued.  He had a deformed leg, was starving, had skin issues, was in boarding at Animal Care for a while and just depressed.  Now, his new name is Henry, he has a new home and his only worries now are “how much more love and fun can one lucky dog have from their new mom and sister.”Turbo now Henry


IMG_0627Princess is a 3 year old, 15 lb Yorkie mix girl. She has been adopted and will live in New York and Florida.

Shayna Found Love Fast

Shayna 05Love at first sight.  Shayna is off to her new forever home.

Bandit 3 years later

BanditHi to All at Destiny for Dogs,

I hope you all doing well, as we are here.  We are coming up on our 3rd year with Bandit.  He is doing fine and loves North Carolina, especially when he can sit in his favorite place.  This was just taken before his hair cut.  He is still quite a character, and loving.  Thanks again for helping make this happen.

Beverly Lombard

Buddy is Living Happily Ever After

Happily Ever AfterThe new happy couple!!


Happily Ever After 02I can’t tell you how happy we are with BOGIE!  We have designated March 8th as his name day since we don’t know his real birthday.

He is just the most well behaved, sweet soul who wants as much human contact as possible. He is so good natured and so grateful for his new home that he breaks my heart every day. I love him so much. We haven’t done too much exercising yet because I want to wait until his stitches are out. As soon as we got home to Palm Coast he took a big drink of water. He is eating and drinking normally. We are practicing walking on a lead, heal and a little sit and stay. He is such a good boy that he doesn’t really need his cone because if he starts messing with the stitches, a simple ‘no’ command works. All he wants to do is please. Not one accident in the house. He is just perfect in every way.Happily Ever After 01

I have what I think is the first of many funny Bogie stories.  The first time I left him alone was the night of my birthday.  We went to dinner and stayed out for about 3 hours. When we came home, all seemed peaceful enough and I gave him lots of praise for no accidents. Then I went into my shoe closet….I keep tissue paper in all my shoes to keep them clean and in shape. He had delicately removed the tissue paper from two shoes, didn’t chew the shoes but shredded the tissue paper. The funny thing was that he made a neat little pile of paper in the middle of the room. It was so easy to clean up it was like it almost didn’t happen. It was right then and there that I knew we were destined for each other. I am a very neat person (everyone teases me about it) and I finally found a kindred spirit!  Even while making a ‘mess’ Bogie’s was a neat one!

Clyde and he are getting along fine. I am attaching pictures of Bogie with us as well as with Clyde. I can assure you that he has the most wonderful forever home he could possibly want and I have the most wonderful new family member I could possibly want as well. I don’t know how we found each other, but this is for sure a match made in heaven!


Nikki 2ADOPTED ♥ ♥ ♥




IMG_11941 IMG_12111


Legend Is Lucky To Have Rescue Friends

image1Legend is a 10 year old Beagle boy who was dumped at a high-kill shelter by his owner.  This darling, loving and sweet as pie guy had a slim to none chance of finding a new loving forever home to spend the rest of his life.  It was thought that Legend would never leave the shelter alive.  Then a wonderful, loving and caring lady asked if someone could pull Legend as she just had to try and save him.

To make a very long story short, it took a village to finally get Legend to where he needed to be health-wise and into his loving forever home.  Thanks to so many loving and caring rescuers, Legend will now live out the rest of his life, receiving TLC and the best vet care with our very own and amazing, Cornelia and Rene’.

Destiny for Dogs didn’t think twice about paying for all of Legend’s medical bills for his care to get him healthy enough to go to his forever home.  Destiny for Dogs believes that everyone should have a chance at life no matter how short that life will be.  We want all dogs to know love before they cross over the rainbow bridge.

A special “Thank You” to the rescue that pulled Legend from the shelter, provided medical care and paid for his boarding. The terrific gal who originally picked up Legend from the first vet, transported him to “in-house” boarding and then to his loving forever home in Vero.

We all love “Happily Ever After’s” and this is truly one story that will go down in “The Rescue World’s History Book.”

Dexter now named Bullet

Dexter 01Bullet 01Sweet Bullet has found his forever family!  No more sad looks for Dexter since he has found love


Velvet 02




Me and my new mommy!

Greta Relaxed at Home

Happily Ever After as of 02-10-16A year after being adopted Greta is still living the good life.

Scootie is Very Relaxed

Happily Ever After 01Scootie loves his new home.


Bently Happily Ever AfterBentley can’t get enough of those hugs and kisses from his new mom.

Joli has a new family

Joli and BrotherJoli and hew new canine sibling.

Hank has a new Home

Happily Ever AfterHank has a new home and a new name “Dudley”


Happily Ever AfterPanda has a new mom and dad

Twix Still Living Happily Ever After

02-02-16 Twix 0102-02-16 Twix 02

Mitsubishi “Mitzi”

Happily Ever After 01-19-16This is our little kitten who was found in a Mitsubishi engine in which the fire department had to get her out.  We gave her the nickname of “Mitzi”.  Mitzi has found her loving forever home and look how beautiful she is.

Wishing Mitzi and hew new Daddy a happy life! 


Rocky Shih Tzu




Scooby Doo now “Ryder”

Ryder and his new mommyHappily Ever After

Dixie and Her New Mom

Happily Ever After

Aiko Update

Happily Ever After 02

Merry Christmas, Everybody.  And a very special thanks for your efforts in 2015…needless to say, we love, Love, LOVE her!  Mary & Mark


UntitledI think this is going to be one big happy family.


Happily Ever After1I think this little guy is loved…can you say “Butch Sandwich”.


IMG_0319From Spunkie’s new family:

“Spunkie is the best guy! We love him soooooo much!  Thank you for the gift of love!”


Happily Ever After1My name is Rosie.  I am an 8 year old Lhasa Apso.  My last mom could no longer take care of me because she is 90 years old and had to go to a rehabilitation center and is not well.  My human sister is allergic to me.  Joann from Destiny for Dogs was contacted and she called a lady she knew was searching for a new love.  The lady was searching for a dog under 10 pounds so she could have a travel partner.  I am 14 pounds but when she heard my story and then met me, she knew size didn’t matter.  It was a match made in Heaven and love at first sight.  My new mom is the widow of a NYC Police Officer, and my human brothers are NYC Police Officers.  My human brother-in-law was a NYS trooper.  It was meant to be.


Princess 01  ADOPTED 


Charlie 01



Honey 01



Lady 01


Little Bear

Little Bear 01


Haley and Hanna



Adopted Together