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Nandi Rose – Update


Story provided by Nandi Rose’s daddy. Just to cute not to share. Someone is very spoiled. I can’t stop LOL😊

“Nandi is doing very well. We find ourselves in the classic battle of ‘who’s in charge’. I recently showed her mortgage papers, utility bills, etc. and asked her to show me her name on any of these documents. This tactic has given us the upper hand…temporarily! She is an avid tv watcher…go figure. We are currently negotiating the amount of time and content.”


Piper – Update


From Piper’s Mom:

“Piper had a great time on vacation. She is a great traveler and we love having her with us.”

Libby now Marley

From Marley’s new mom:

“Just want you to know we are over the moon with our new little girl!”

Marigold now Irma


From Irma’s new mom, Ellen:
“Happy to report, Irma, formally Marigold, is now at 42lbs. She is a ball of energy and we love her. Couldn’t get her to sit still for me, but for my husband, Bob. Thank you again♥️”

Dory now Charlotte


Dory now Charlotte’s First Official,  “Happily Ever After” portrait.  Charlotte is one lucky little girl to have such handsome dads.

From Roland and Alex,

“We are all extremely happy. Thanks again.”


Mandy now Annie


Mandy was rescued from a hoarder with her sisters, Bunny and Honey.

Mandy now Annie went from being neglected to loved and respected.

🐾💕Only “Happy Days Ahead” for Annie and her amazing new parents🐾💕

Sweet Pea – Update


Sweet Pea was rescued from PBCACC. She is now the apple of her dad’s eyes.

🐾💕Wishing Sweet Pea and her new loving parents, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕


Willie now Rosco



This charming, sweet, smart, and stunning boy was in boarding ever since rescued from the streets in Miami’s Little Haiti.

Willie was starving, dirty, full of fleas and ticks. But now he won the doggy lottery and is with his new FURever family. 


Olivia – Update

Olivia was found in Liberty City. Dirty, hungry and no one ever came looking for her. “Baby, Look at her now!”


“Olivia is doing so well. She and Dylan are inseparable!  Thanks🌹”

Olivia and Dylan Inseparable

King – Update

Love at first sight. Look at those smiles. This was surely an adoption from heaven🐾💕

Bunnie – Update


From Bunnie’s mom: “Thank you! She is amazing. I love her so much! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

Bunnie with Mom

Buddy Update


From Buddy’s mom♥️


“Two years ago today Buddy joined our family, thanks to you and the wonderful people with Destiny for Dogs. We can’t even begin to thank you enough for helping us to find such a wonderful little guy – Buddy is exceptional and we love him so very much!! We celebrate today as his birthday. 🎂🎈🎉 I hope all is good with you, your associates, and all the furry sweethearts at Destiny for Dogs! You do such a wonderfully loving thing, finding good homes for sweet, deserving dogs. Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts!! ❤️🐾”




Honey now Lilly


Honey was rescued from a hoarder with her sisters, Bunny and Mandy.

Honey now Lilly went from being caged to being the center of her two daddy’s life and heart.

🐾💕Only “Happy Days Ahead” for Lilly and her dads🐾💕




Gracie is a loyal, sensitive, intelligent, loving dog who is eager to please. She is house trained and passed basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience classes with flying colors (although she isn’t a fan of heeling in the real world). She loves to swim, go to the dog park, and perform for treats. She will be an amazing companion for the right family, but she needs people who understand her breed.

Like most Belgian Malinois, Gracie is a working dog, an athlete, and a proud protector. She needs room to run, things to chase, and tasks to perform. She needs the security of a pack and firm leadership from an authority figure she respects. In return, she will be a faithful friend for life. Gracie will thrive in a home with a securely fenced back yard and no cats. She also needs at least one other dog, because she has separation anxiety when left alone. She doesn’t mind children, but is better with older kids. Please open your hear and home to this stunning and amazing girl.  Please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or for additional or to meet Gracie and fall in love.

Here is a link to a full profile:

Gracie and her New Dad

Gracie and Forever Dad



Azure and Shadow

Adopted 🐾💕


Shadow and Azure are two beautiful, senior, loving and bonded lab mixes.  They are looking for their new loving forever home together. Sadly, their owner is very ill and can no longer care for them which is truly heartbreaking for all as she loves them with all her heart.

Shadow is a 11 year young male, lab mix and Azure is a 10 year young female lab mix. They are so much more beautiful in person as the photos do not do them justice.

These angels have been together all their lives. (Shadow was 1 when Azure was adopted as pup to keep him company). They are both fully vetted, up to date on shots, microchipped, heartworm negative, perfectly trained, housebroken, good with other dogs and cats.

Please open your heart and home to these loving angels that will soon lose everything.

Please contact Nancy (561) 301-5051 or  for additional information or to meet these sweethearts.

Bumble Bee – ADOPTED


BB 3 year old, 50 lbs American Bulldog

Bumble Bee AKA BB,  is a 3 year old, 50 lbs American Bulldog mix that was rescued from the Redlands. She is spayed, up to date on shots, heart worm negative, housebroken, good in the car and on a leash. She is ok with most dogs when she gets to know them.  Please open your heart and home to this beautiful and deserving girl.

Please contact Marguerite (561) 512-2009 or for additional information or to meet BB.


Bella is going great after her two luxating patella surgeries. Bella wanted to say hello Aunt JoAnn. She is doing so Great!!! 😘❤🐾 – Debbie

Mitzi and Kiki

These two are so in love. Mitzi was found inside a Mitsubishi as a kitten and Kiki was from a Feral Litter that was found. Now these 2 are inseparable and always cuddling. Thank you to their Daddy Glen for sending us the Happily Ever After update.

💕 Mitzi and Kiki FURever 💕



Hannah who is now Liberty is totally in love with her new Forever Dad.

Liberty and her new Dad

Liberty is in Love

Liberty being serious.



Foster Mom, Joanne Joanne provided this adorable photo of Thor, our Andros Island boy who hit the doggie lottery last year. Thor is “king of his world.”

We are wishing Thor and his amazing family, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕



Luna is an 18 month old short hair domestic cat. Full grown, and very small, only weighs 6 to 7 lbs but she is small but full grown. Luna is spayed, up to date on all shots, uses liter box, good with dogs and other cats, not declared, plus very sweet. 


Owner’s son is moving in and he is highly allergic. 


Please open your heart and home to this beautiful and loving girl. 


Please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or



Kira went to her loving forever home today. Look at those faces♥️

Special Thanks to Kira’s amazing foster parents, Sam & Matt for all the TLC provided to this neglected little girl and getting her where she needed to be♥️

Thanks to Sam, Matt and Kira’s new parents, she will only know love, happiness and have “Happy Days Ahead!”♥️

💕Kira and her new parents💕

Mai Mai – Good News Update

💕🐾Mai Mai the senior Shih Tzu’s, Good News Update🐾💕

Mai Mai’s beloved owner passed away three years ago. Mai Mai and her sisters were given to a trusted employee to love, nurture and care for them. Unfortunately, Mai Mai was given away then ended up at PBCACC. Her new owner didn’t want her anymore. In three years this once beautiful, healthy and very much loved little girl ended up dirty, matted, skin/eye issues, rotten teeth, tumor and cyst. Thanks to Mai Mai’s original and beloved owner’s daughter, she was rescued from the shelter and provided outstanding medical care by Dr. Abbott, Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve and her dedicated staff. Mai Mai had to have 21 teeth removed, plus surgery to remove a tumor on her neck, a cyst on her face, plus skin treatment.

Thanks to Heidi Garcia for not only assisting Dr. Abbott with Mai Mai’s surgery/treatment but for transporting her to the most amazing new parents on the west coast of Florida. Neither heavy rains or bad traffic prevented Heidi and her husband from placing Mai Mai in her new mom, Nettie’s loving arms where she so belongs. Mai Mai now has a new brother, Willie and sister, Trixie which were also rescued by Nettie and Yuan.



Special thanks to Joy Drasher, The Clip Joint for babysitting plus groomimg Mai Mai which was very difficult due to her condition.


Nettie provided this message from Mai Mai:

“Ok I think I need the biggest bed in the house? I think I going to LOVE ❤️ it here.” Mom says, “Mai Mai had a new bed that she came with, however, I guess she likes the one she chose? Like Goldie Locks, this one is hard, this one is to soft, but this one is just right (which happens to be brother, Willie’s).  I am happy she likes to eat even with the loss of 21 teeth.”

As we always say, “It takes a village to save a life and find an amazing loving forever home.”

Thanks to each and every one who touched Mai Mai’s life and cared enough about her to go that extra mile.

We are wishing Mai Mai and her new family, “Happy Days Ahead!”   


Update on Prince who is now Henry from his family:

I hope all is well. I thought you might like an update on little ‘Prince’ who was ultimately renamed Henry!

He has settled in beautifully. He and Hector are best buddies – he is everything we hoped for and more!

Also our vet believes he is closer to a year old than two years old.

Finally did you know that he is profoundly deaf? It is not an issue for us as he sticks with big brother Hector all the time and we have kitted him with a collar buzzer so we can call him when we need him. He is leaning sign language too.

I don’t know what happened to the poor fellow but this might explain how he got lost.

Anyway I will s bd you some pictures. And thank you for connecting us to our precious pup! 

Lesley Bielby


Adopted 🐾💕


Lola is a 3 year old, 36 lbs purebred English Bulldog. She is  very affectionate with people and is good with other dogs. However, Lola is your typical bossy assertive female bulldog. As long as she’s kept in check and not given complete freedom to do whatever she wants she’ll be fine. 


Lola is fully vetted, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, heartworm negative, urine clear (no signs of bladder stones). She will however need to revisit potty training. Foster mom advised that Lola is a quick study and has not been having accidents when supervised. 


Lola was rescued from the shelter where she came down with kennel cough and is now receiving treatment with antibiotics. Lola has no other health issues other than regular English Bulldog hygiene (cleaning of wrinkles, etc.).  Once over her cold, Lola will have a dental prior to her adoption. 


Please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or for additional information or to meet this charming gal.