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Suzie is one fortunate little girl to have such amazing parents. It was definitely “love at first sight” for Suzie, her mom and dad. However, only two weeks in her loving forever home, a tragic turn of events occurred. We are so thankful to this amazing couple who had the option to return sweet Suzie to Destiny for Dogs. Instead they opted to provide everything she needed medically to recover. Destiny for Dogs is indebted to them for their love, dedication, commitment to keeping Suzie and providing her financial and very time consuming physical rehab.

Because of sweet Suzie’s extraordinary new parents, we want to help defer the cost of her lengthy and extremely expressive treatment that Destiny would have incurred if they opted to return Suzie. This is truly a love story that deserves a “Happily Ever After.” Please show your love and support by making any size donation, which will be greatly appreciated to assist Suzie and her wonderful parents.

Donations may be made via Destiny for Dogs PayPal Account
or a check made out to Destiny for Dogs
326 Macy St
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Please note on check or PayPal for “Suzie’s Medical Care.”

Background Story:

All was going wonderful until Suzie started to have a difficult time walking. She was dragging her hind legs. Suzie was rushed to Dr. Abbott who did an exam and referred her parents to Dr. Roy. Thankfully the diagnosis was not life threatening but still very critical due to a herniated disc. Susie’s parents and Dr. Roy had no idea how this happened. She was fine one day and woke up the next not being able to move her back legs.

The surgery was a success! After days nine days of critical care, Suzie is home being loved and nurtured by her mom and dad. She is their little angel and will receive the best care, plus tons of love.

We will keep you posted on sweet Suzie’s progress as she goes through months of physical therapy.

We are wishing Suzie a 100% healing, plus sending loving thoughts and prayers to the family.

Suzi’s Vet Bill

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