Max and Rusty

Max & Rusty


From owner:

“Max & Rusty are best friends who are looking to grow their pack and their friendship circle. They are both empathic and like to snuggle! Max is a 12 year young, 30 lbs shepherd mix male. He is older and more responsible sort of pooch who is thoughtful, loves to play fetch and protects those he loves. Rusty is a 9 year young, 22 lbs, younger and more free spirited type of personality that also cares so much about how others feel. This combination can easily become one of the most filling and important ‘friendships’ in your life. They’ll come thump-thump-thumping over to you with their begging eyes and big hearts to want and sit their scruffy selves next to your feet or in your lap – oomph! These dogs love absolutely everyone (well, except cats). But other than that, they love everyone and are not afraid to show it.

Max & Rusty are longing to be part of a new and good family, together as they have known each other all their lives and if you can give them that, then you can give them a miracle.”

Please open your heart and home to this beautiful and loving couple.  Contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or

Max & Rusty ask, “Do you think someone will want to adopt us together?”

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