Snookie is a 3 year old, 60 lbs purebred English Bulldog. She is fully vetted, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, parasite free and has had a dental. Snookie is crate trained, in fact she LOVES her crate! She stays in her crate, never barks, cries and has never gone potty inside. Snookie is not good on leash as she pulls, however cannot go far as she just lays down and will not move. She does however love to run in the grass and play. However, when calling her to you she takes a flying leap, jumping at as she gets so excited. Snookie is very strong and can knock someone over. She also likes to grab your feet and not let you move.
Snookie does like her head and belly rubbed but hates when her foster mom uses baby wipes to clean her hinny.

NOTE!!!! Snookie can only be adopted by an experienced, seasoned bully owner who is patient, loving, alpha, very strong physically and mentally. Snookie CAN NOT be adopted to a family with children, small, or alpha dogs and definitely no cats!!!! She is food aggressive with other dogs so must be fed separately! Snookie is also food aggressive with people. When feeding, her owner needs to be very cautious when putting food down and picking up the empty bowl. The trainer suggests placing food down in a room then letting Snookie in the room to eat. Once she has eaten, she should be called out of the room to go outside. Due to her food aggression, it would be dangerous for her to be around children and other dogs. Snookie would do best as the only pet. Snookie’s foster mom said she loves to play rough with her other English Bulldogs and will body slam them. Snookie needs a very active loving owner/family with the bully knowledge and patience of a saint.

Sadly, Snookie’s two previous owners never took the time to train or teach her manners. She was kept outside because they didn’t have the time or skills to deal with her being so pushy. With a very special person who can commit to work with Snookie, providing unconditional love, nurturing, guidance, training to teach her how to behave, she can become an amazing part of the “perfect” owner/family.

Please open your heart and home to this beautiful and loving girl who so deserves a family that she can be part and not locked in a crate or left outside.

For additional information, please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or

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