Destiny’s Logo Story

The story behind “Destiny for Dogs” Logo:

Destiny for Dogs was started by JoAnn Goodrich because of her long time commitment to help dogs in need.  Destiny was her beloved Cairn Terrier and this rescue is in loving memory of this very special dog.  Below you will find the story behind the logo followed by “Destiny’s Story.

Destiny’s logo was created and has a story of it’s creation.

  The dog house in this logo represents all rescue dogs forever home.

  You will  notice the opening is in the shape of a heart.  This represents your heart and means “open your heart and your home” to a rescue dog.

  The bowl is in memory of JoAnn’s dog, Destiny, who is offering the rescue dog food to eat  and wants the rescue to know that they will never be hungry again.

  JoAnn’s dog, Destiny, has also left toys which is represented by the tennis balls for the rescue to make sure their new life is full of lots of playtime.

Destiny’s Story

Our Cairn Terrier, Benne, gave birth to a litter of puppies in our bedroom.  One of the puppies was born dead and my husband performed CPR and gave the puppy life.  When it came time to find homes for the puppies, my husband looked into the big brown eyes of the puppy he saved and just could not let her go.  He knew he was destined to keep her and that is how she got her name “Destiny”.

When Destiny was 5 weeks old, she and her brother fell into our pool.  Pepper was fine but Destiny was not breathing.  I performed CPR and continued to breathe for her during the next 15 minutes waiting for my mother to arrive to take us to the vet’s office.  Destiny was checked out and was fine except for some water in her lungs.  She may have had some brain damage, but if this was so, it made us love her even more.

A few years later, Destiny swallowed a bone and it was lodged in her throat.  I drove like a maniac to the vet only to find that I could not leave her without a $500.00 deposit.  I called my husband and of course he said, “Whatever it takes to save my little angel”.  She pulled through surgery with flying colors.

At 9 years old, Destiny was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer which has no cure.  The vet treated her with pet medicine and she led a pretty normal life until the night before my surgery when she started to limp.  I had my surgery and Destiny stayed by my side while I was recovering as she did so many times before.

Right after my surgery, Destiny’s legs became paralyzed.  I called my cousin who was a vet in Canada.  After our conversation I knew this was God’s way of telling us it was time to let her go.  We provided her with lots of love, treats and pain medicine.

A few days later our vet came to our house and while I was lying on the bed with Destiny, we had her put to sleep in the room she was born in.  Destiny’s mother was still alive and with us.  When Destiny was put to sleep, Destiny’s mother let out a howl as if to say good bye to her baby girl.  Our girl went peacefully and we know she has made it home to be with our other animals that have passed.  Destiny was buried in a casket with pretty floral sheets and a pillow and we had a wonderful ceremony and she was buried with her other canine siblings.

Joann and Destiny Heart Shaped

Destiny went in peace and I will continue to help others with their angels to help make the right decisions with their loved ones and offer any help I can.