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Pupdate: Oliver

🐾💕First picture is Oliver with his foster failure new daddy, Barry, relaxing on a lovely Blankets Made with Love. Second photo is of Oliver relaxing on the couch with “his very own” blanket.  Third photo is Diamond the Rottie standing on her special blanket in her crate. Thank you so very much Trudy Downes and the angels that volunteer with you. The blankets all of you create with love sure make a difference in the lives of sooo many rescue babies🐾💕

💗NOTE: Diamond is going through treatment, once completed she too will be looking for her loving forever home. When time, Diamond will be taking her Blessings Blank made with Love to her new loving forever home.  Diamond is with Rising Star Rottie Rescue. For additional information or to meet and fall in love with this gorgeous girl, please contact Evelyn (561) 386-0514💗

Pupdate: Toby

From Toby’s new mom to Destiny’s foster mom, Barbara🌹

“🐾💕Hi Barbara! I’m having a great time with my mommy and daddy. Just came from a walk and sitting outside with mommy. I love you for bringing us all together🐾💕“

Toby was rescued from PBCACC after his owner teathered to the car and dragged him. Toby received the best medical care and TLC. Wounds from this horrific incident are healed and now so is Toby’s heart. Thank you Carol for saving Toby. Thank you Barbara for finding him the most amazing parents. It does take a village♥️

Pupdate: Wolfie and Tiny


Wolfie & Tiny were rescued years ago from “Death Row” at separate times. However they both ended up with the same foster parents who could not let either one go. Wolfie & Tiny had issues however their foster parents wouldn’t give up on either one.

Yes, Wolfie & Tiny became “Foster Failures” and this most likely was the happiest day of their lives.

Thank you Colleen & Michael for providing Wolfie & Tiny such a loving forever home. Only “Happy Days Ahead” for these two boys who also bring a smile to my face every time I see the.

Aggie and Fiona – Update


Gunner & Bella – Foster Failure

Gunner and Bella hit the doggie lottery when their foster dad decided that he couldn’t let them go.

Wishing Bella, Gunner and dad, “Happy Days Ahead!”

Gunner and Bella


Annie is the newest member of the Foster failure club. Annie was on the streets of Miami with knotted and dirty dreads. She was unwanted and abandoned by her previous owner. But she went from rags to riches and joined the foster failure club, when her foster/new mom Catherine took her in.

BEFORE: Annie’s fur was shaved all off.

BEFORE: On her way to her new mom

AFTER: Catherine, “Annie after her modeling shoot on Worth Avenue today.”

Annie, “It’s hard work looking this good.”

Mui Mui & Minuet

Adopted 🐾💕

Meet Mui Mui & Minuet. They are looking for a new Forever home. Their owner passed away and these 2 have been in boarding ever since. If you can provide a home for Mui Mui & Minuet please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or 🐾💕


image1Andy is an office Foster Failure.  Andy’s foster family loved him so much…he was a keeper!


arrow-02Arrow’s foster family has joined the exclusive group of “Foster Failures” and is now living happily ever after.



Benny 02

Benny has joined the “Foster Failure” program…or should I say his foster family FAILED.  Benny will live forever with his foster family.


Joey 05Joey 03

Joey is a 3-year old Corgi-Chi Mix who may be facing the unthinkable – to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge for lack of a stable, loving and permanent home.  For his entire life, he has either been adopted and returned, or bounced from foster home to foster home which none have been able to devote the time, patience and care he needs to learn to live with his special needs.  He has never known true love.

This sweet, lovable, cuddle-bug of a guy can’t process information like most dogs and is easily over stimulated.  He will need to be on medication for life, and is currently working with a veterinarian/behaviorist in Palm Beach to help him learn how to comfort himself and stay calm.  Most of all, he needs a human who is as special as he is and who has the desire to help him live up to his potential.  It is what he deserves!

Joey’s current foster can no longer keep him and boarding is out of the question due to his unique needs.  The lack of stability is exaggerating the affects of this chemical imbalance and his current foster family has little time to devote to his behavioral training.  In short, Joey is out of options and out of time unless we can find him a human who can and will love him for life.

Joey is full vetted and current on vaccinations.  These are his special adoption needs that Destiny for Dogs wants to maintain:

  1. Adopter needs to live within one hour of West Palm Beach.
  2. Adopter must be willing to travel to West Palm Beach at least 2 times a year to meet with the veterinarian/behaviorist who has been working with Joey.
  3. Ideal home is one or two adults (seniors or retirees preferred), no children and no other pets.  If grandkids visit it would be best for Joey to be in a separate room so he can stay calm.

All serious inquiries please contact JoAnn Goodrich at 561-313-2005 or


Fergus 01My name is Clover and I am a female Chihuahua Mix.  I am spayed, housetrained, up to date with shots and good with dogs.  If you are interested in me please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or


Clover 01My name is Fergus and I am a male Chihuahua Mix.  I am neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots and good with dogs.  If you are interested in me please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or


Mia 01My name is Mia and I am a Pomeranian/Chihuahua Mix.  I am spayed, house trained and up to date with shots.  If you are interested in adopting me please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or

Lucy and Ricky

Happily Ever AfterLucy and Ricky adopted after being adopted once and 4 years later being surrendered in bad shape.  Foster mom and dad loved them so much they will keep them forever.


Gracie 01Gracie has been available for adoption for over 1 year.  She is a senior who has had a tough time finding a new home.  She is currently in heart failure and will be living with her foster mom until she crosses over the rainbow bridge.  Please pray for her.

We love you Gracie


Happily Ever After 02Mushka is a Westphalian Longhaired Dachshund mix.  He is 9 years.  Mushka’s foster parents realized how special he was and decided they could not let him go.


Valentina 03Valentina is a 6 year old 14 pound Shih Tzu girl rescued from Animal Control.  Valentina’s foster mom loved her so much she has decided to stop looking for a forever home because she was already home.

Tiny – Forever with Foster

Tiny Flyer PhotoTiny’s foster family could not let him go.  He is now a forever foster!


IMG_0631Ellie’s foster family loved her so much they just could not let her go.  She is now living in her forever home and her parents are now in the “Foster Failure” club.


Bruno 02Bruno’s foster family loved him so much they have decided to make him a permanent part of their family.

Papi the Chihuahua

Papi 02Foster family keeping forever


Happily Ever AfterFrankie’s foster mom loved him so much she has decided to keep him so he can live happily ever after with his sister Gracie.  Thank you Barbara for taking such good care of Frankie and showing him real love.  Welcome to the “Foster Failure” gang.


IMG_7290Audrey’s Foster family just could not let her go so they have become official members of the “Foster Failure” family.  Welcome to the family!


Cody 01Cody is a 1-2 year old male Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso Mix and weighs about 14 pounds.  Cody was adopted by his Foster Parents who now are officially a happy member of the “Foster Failure” club.

Zorro Happy and Playful

Zorro 02 Zorro 03Zorro was so wonderful that his foster mom could not let him go.  She has now been officially accepted into the “Foster Failure” club!!

Mack Needs You!!

IMG_6330Cute FaceMack has been adopted by his foster mom’s roommate.  They just couldn’t let him go.  They stated, “no one has ever loved me the way Mack does!”  We are wishing Mack and his new family a very loving future.  Mack is now at almost 100 pounds and is a very special boy.  Remember, when Mack was found he was only 56 pounds which is nothing for a Mastiff.  With the love and kindness of his foster family he is becoming a strong healthy dog.

Wolfie found True Love ♥

Wolfie 03It was love at first site for Wolfie’s foster family.  We are happy to say that Wolfie’s new mom and dad have just joined the honorary club of “Foster Failures”.  Wolfie is now living with his foster family…FOREVER!

Bagel now has Hope

Bagels StonesBAGEL HOPE ~ CLOSE UP WITH BALL WEBAfter Bagels successful bladder stone removal surgery, she has been adopted by her foster family because she is so wonderful and the perfect dog.  Good luck Bagel and many happy years with your new family.

Cleo & Gypsy are “Loving Sisters”

Cleo and Gypsy have been adopted by their foster mom and dad.

Congratulations to the new additions.