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Finn the Norwegian Forest Cat


“💕Another pupdate! Bodhi & Tucker have a new brother – Finn the Norwegian Forest Cat. He was rehomed 3x and this is his last! The boys are all getting along after a couple of sketchy weeks of slow introductions! Bodhi decided he wanted to be his BFF from day 1 but Tucker not so much 😂 it’s actually funny because Tucker is so oblivious & laid back but he was not a fan! I think once he realized Finn could care less if he had his approval he decided it wasn’t worth the energy to terrorize him! Bodhi is completely obsessed & in love with him. It was certainly not in the plans to add a cat but really…why not?! The kids are over the moon & one less fur baby in a shelter or at risk. What a splendid gift they all are 💝

Tucker is Lili’s dog for sure! He sleeps with her, runs errands, she carries him on her hip like a toddler & he naps slumped on her lap while she works. It’s hilarious & precious.💕”

Always “Room for One More

Wishing Finn lots of love & happiness in his new loving forever home with his two & four legged siblings🐾💕💕

Cat Tales: Princess & Pencil tail


Princess and Pencil tail have come a LONG WAY! They were found by Destiny for Dogs Rescuers as barely born kittens! They were so tiny their eyes were not even open and had to be bottle fed!

These girls hit the kitty cat lottery with the fur mom & dad who were more than happy to bottle feed these little cuties. Now they spend their time running on the patio and playing with their older fur brother.


Cat Tales: Mitzi and Kiki


Cat Tales: Sissy

Sissy is a special type of rescue. She actually went up to our Destiny for Dogs rescuers as they were out walking their dogs! Destiny for Dogs took her in as her nose was badly infected and inflamed.

She is all healed up now and by the looks of it, the hair on her nose will not be growing back. But she is still super cute in our book! Sissy is currently In Motion Builder’s office cat. Were she likes to greet everyone that comes into their office. This is one incredibly friendly cat! And as you can tell from the pictures she is very silly and relaxed.

If you are interested in adopting Sissy, please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005.

Cat Tales: Topper


Topper aka Copper was once a feral kitten living with his only surviving sister until Destiny for Dogs rescued him and his sister back in 2014.

Now he enjoys going on road trips with his fur mom & fur dad and sleeping next to his little sister Kiki. Can you say spoiled!



Christy has been adopted.


LUNA is has been ADOPTED.

Koko and YumYum

We’ve been adopted!

GOOD NEWS UPDATE! Koko and Yum Yum have found their loving forever home together. Wishing Koko, Yum Yum and their new family, “Happy Days Ahead!”


We’re twin brothers meaning whoever adopts us will get double the love! We are a very close and bonded pair that love each other, and can love you, more than you could ever imagine. Our mom adopted us when we were 8 weeks old and has loved us every day since. Unfortunately, she can’t take us to college with her so she’s trying to find us a new purrfect home!

We both love to play with toys, chase laser pointers and string, and give little nose kisses! Our hair is a bit long and as soft as cotton – everyone we’ve met has fallen in love with cuddling us because we’re so soft and warm. We’re petite boys that can fit right in your arms during snuggle time. We both love to cuddle and have our bellies rubbed! We’d also like to let you know that we are 100% litter box trained, only eat Purina kitten chow, and only live indoors. We have grown up around dogs and do very well with them and other kitty friends.





Cherry has been adopted




Mitzi and Kiki

These two are so in love. Mitzi was found inside a Mitsubishi as a kitten and Kiki was from a Feral Litter that was found. Now these 2 are inseparable and always cuddling. Thank you to their Daddy Glen for sending us the Happily Ever After update.

💕 Mitzi and Kiki FURever 💕


Kitty 1yr old Female



Mui Mui & Minuet

Adopted 🐾💕

Meet Mui Mui & Minuet. They are looking for a new Forever home. Their owner passed away and these 2 have been in boarding ever since. If you can provide a home for Mui Mui & Minuet please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or 🐾💕


simba-01Adopted ♥♥


IMG_2543Adopted ♥♥

Lily is Beautiful

Adopted 🐾💕

kitty-01kitty-05A Good Samaritan saved this beautiful 1 year old kitten just before she was going to be euthanized.  She has all her vaccinations, rabies, has been spayed and received a clean bill of health.  If you would like to be loved by this angel please contact Sabina Salay at 702-580-9760 or


Skyrocket and Babies

Skyrocket 02

Kittens 01 Kittens 02 Kittens 03Skyrocket 01All kittens ADOPTED and mom is a foster failure and going to stay with her foster family…forever

Black Kitten

Black Kitten 01Adopted!



Mitsubishi “Mitzi”

Happily Ever After 01-19-16This is our little kitten who was found in a Mitsubishi engine in which the fire department had to get her out.  We gave her the nickname of “Mitzi”.  Mitzi has found her loving forever home and look how beautiful she is.

Wishing Mitzi and hew new Daddy a happy life! 


Henry 01


Orange Kittens

Orange Kitty 01

Orange Kitty 02    ADOPTED 

Siblings want to stay together

Kitty 03Kitty 01   ADOPTED 

Black Kittens

Black Kitty 07-08-15

Black Kitty 07-07-15

We found our forever homes.

Lucy and Wynston Loving Each Other

LucyWynstonUpdate from Wynston and Lucy’s mommy who are Brother and Sister that were adopted together:

“Wynston and Lucy are absolutely inseparable!  They adore one another so very much!  They are growing…..Lucy has remained petite, but has grown…Wynston is about 8 lbs. now and Lucy is 6 lbs.  Her appetite is less than his.  They are healthy and happy and have evolved in their personalities, switching back and forth in their bravery and exploration.  Wynston is very loving and affectionate, and they both love affection back!!!”

Lorraine and Baby

Lorraine and Baby 8 years modifiedMeet Lorraine and Baby.  Baby is 8 years old and needed a ride to the vet and a little help with some medical expenses.  Destiny for Dogs was happy to help this happy couple.  Baby received meds for a bladder infection, meds for a minor skin irritation, vaccinations and Revolution to control fleas, parasites, heartworm, etc.  We are happy that Baby will be feeling well soon.

January 15, 2015

Zorro Living the Good Life

Zorro 01Zorro is still living happily ever after and his new mommy loves him so much.

Lucy and Sir Winston

01-13-15 LoveMeet Lucy (left) and Sir Winston (right).  These sweet angels were plucked from the bushes at 3-weeks old and were bottle fed and lived at an office until they found their new mommy.  Mommy adopted the brother and sister together because they loved each other very much and as you can see they are very content in their new home.  Congratulations Julia on your new additions to the family.

Copper Found True Love

Happily Ever After

Look at me with my new mom.  We are in love and I am almost a perfect angel but I like to eat house plants.  Can you believe that I was a feral kitten raised outside and lived under a bush in the dirt until Destiny for Dogs took me and my surviving sister and allowed us to live in their office until we were healthy and happy.  I am glad I found my new home and wish Destiny for Dogs good luck as my feral mommy had another litter (her 5th) and Destiny for Dogs has taken all my brothers and sisters from all the litters and have found homes.  They just found 5 more kittens (8-1-14) to nurse back to health and then find homes.  If you think I am cute you will love my brothers and sisters as we all look alike…Handsome!!