Why Me?

 Why did I end up as a Rescue?

Dogs need rescuing for many reasons through no fault of their own. Many of the stories are sad and hard to hear but you can be assured that when Destiny for Dogs rescues a dog, it will be a new beginning for this special angel. Some reasons why dogs end up in rescue:

• Divorce or Family Illness

• Death of an Owner

• Abandoned Pets

• Families move and cannot take their pets

• Having a dog became a “burden”

• Keeping the dog was no longer affordable

• The puppy grew up and was too big

• Dog was dropped off at a shelter

• Dog found wandering the streets

• Dog barks too much

• Owners just don’t have the time for the dog

Although some of these reasons may seem “weak”, this is reality and these dogs need new families at no fault of their own.

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