Donation Questions

What do we do with your Donation?

Money, Merchandise, Time… 


  • Every dollar we receive goes directly to care for the dogs we rescue. We have no paid employees.
  • The majority of the money donated goes to pay for medical expenses. We have wonderful vets who provide us with great discounts, but it still can be very expensive.
  • All dogs will be spayed or neutered prior to their adoption.
  • All dogs will have a physical and be provided with their vaccinations.
  • We purchase items for the dogs such as collars, leashes, food, toys, blankets, beds, etc.
  • We sometimes have to pay transportation fees to get a dog from a shelter to their foster homes.

Remember, money is not the only form of donation you can make.  Destiny for Dogs has booths at many local events to show our dogs and sell merchandise for another form of contributions.  You can provide us with any type of merchandise we can resell, gift type items that we can use as a raffle prize, you can donate your time to help us at events (the more help we have the more dogs we can bring and find potential forever homes) and you can simply provide us with some administrative work.  There are many things you can do to help us and all advise is welcome to help us become more successful.

We learn about dogs (small and large) throughout South Florida and well beyond. So many dogs and dog owners are in need of our help on a daily basis.

Some of the rescue cases are truly emergency in nature, so, we jump in to action quickly. We network with hundreds of caring dog-lovers and rescue volunteers in order to get these dogs to safety and in to our care. 98% of the time, a dog that we rescue comes to us needing some kind of financial support for their medical needs.

To rescue and properly care for rescued dogs, we incur expenses on a continuing basis… from picking up a dog that has been abandoned or “dumped” at a vet’s office, “springing” the dog from a shelter, transport costs (e.g. gas/travel expenses, for which most of our devoted volunteers generally never even ask for reimbursement!), for items such as flea and heartworm treatments and preventatives, for any other medication when necessary and even for grooming and general care.

Please help us to continue to provide these necessary services by Donating any amount.  Remember, no amount is too small.  We have no paid employees so you can be assured that all the money we receive goes towards our rescue efforts.