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RIP Rocky

🐾💔Very Sad Update from Rocky’s Mom.  Rest in Peace Sweet Boy💔🐾

“My boy Rocky passed away early Sunday morning😭.  He had a mass on his scrotum, it broke we rushed him to the emergency vet, they couldn’t operate because of his heart condition… he was in very bad pain, so I had to let him go, I feel so bad, but nothing I could do for him.. he was a great dog, and happy I had him for this long

This is go bye bye face, always happy to go bye bye in the car, it’s so lonely without him, I feel so bad.”

We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Rocky💔You were such an extraordinary fur mom to Rocky. He was blessed to have you. We know that you did everything humanly possible for this special guy. Know that he is at Peace, Happy, Healthy, Whole. Running free at Rainbow Bridge🌈 

Until you meet again, always in your heart, thoughts and loving memories♥️

RIP Madi


“It is with great sadness that MaryEllen and I had to let Madi go to doggie heaven where she can romp with our other 2 Westies… Maxine and Samee. Her organs were failing and other issues that affect 14 YO dogs. She brought so much ❤️ to us , our grandkids and everyone she met. On the good advice of our vet… she offered  that it might be better to let her go with dignity. So last Friday we sadly and with tears let her go peacefully. We miss her sooooo much.  Thank You for all you do and for your thoughts and prayers. Madi was so special and loving. She was with us morning, noon and night in our home, office, Florida and hearts. She truly touched everyone she met…. Everywhere. Right now our home and hearts are torn. We received many thoughtful messages from our friends and from everyone who knew her. We were truly blessed for the 11 years we had her but right now the tears are still flowing.”

🌹🙏Dear Ron & MaryEllen, 

We are all so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved, Madi. Our heart aches for you. Thank you both for providing Madi such an extraordinary loving forever home and the best care any fur baby could wish for. We sending you loving thoughts & healing prayers. 🙏🌹

Yanna Is Still Loved


“Happy Heavenly Birthday Yanna, my best friend, my soul dog. We are blessed to have been entrusted with you for so many years, and are grateful to have loved and to have been loved by you. Yanna, you made us whole and took a piece of our hearts with you. We love and miss you every day.”

🐾🙏❤️‍🩹We are sending loving thoughts and healing prayers to Yanna’s parents. It is the first birthday without their beloved angel girl 🐾🙏❤️‍🩹

RIP Lewie


🐾♥️4 1/2 years ago you let me adopt my precious Lewie (Louie).  He’s been my life companion and I’ll always be grateful.  So unexpectedly, he collapsed this morning.  By the time we got to Calusa, he was in a bad way.  It happened so quickly.  

I loved him so and thank you for giving him to me.  I couldn’t imagine my life without him.♥️🐾”

🙏We are sending loving thoughts and healing prayers🙏

💜🐾Rest in Peace beautiful, sweet Lewie.  Run Free, Happy, Healthy & Whole at Rainbow Bridge🌈 Until you meet again


Beloved Sweet “Red”


🌹A touching memorial to Red from his mom🌹

“It is with a very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy Red. Red’s life was cut short by an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. My husband and I are extremely blessed to have shared our lives with Red for 6 plus years🐾

Red was our bright ray of sunshine every day. He was the sweetest, happiest, most loving boy ever with an incredible personality and love for life! He had a smile that would melt your heart and surely make you smile.

Red loved his morning walks, and seeing fellow neighbors and doggies. He put a smile on everyone’s face that met him. Red loved his dog van and going on adventures with us. He loved everything!

Every day with Red was truly a gift. He is loved and missed more than I can say. We pray Red is happy and whole again running free and playing with his beloved canine sister and best friend Yanna.🐾

♥️We love and miss you so much Red♥️”

🙏🐾Thank you for providing Red “Heaven on Earth.” He was so blessed to have the most wonderful, loving & nurturing parents. We are all wishing you both love & peace. Until you meet again, Red will remain in your heart & happy, loving memories♥️🐾🙏

🐾Red – Run Free! Happy, Healthy & Whole🐾

RIP Sweet Cali

🐾💔🌈In Loving Memory of Cali. A beautiful & touching message from her mommy & daddy🌈💔🐾

ONE LAST KISS TO KEEP FOREVER. Today we sent our perfect, precious Calli to heaven to be with her beloved sister Lily.  We tried every means possible before releasing this gorgeous being from her pain. If I had had a daughter I would wish her to be just as lovely. She adored both of us, never complained & lived to bring us joy, laughter and affection. My baby was just extraordinary–incredibly beautiful inside and out.  She was calm, giving, kind gentle & friendly. We loved to dress her in her Destiny for Dogs t-shirt to promote rescue.  She always drew a crowd and I would proudly explain no she’s  not a show pup, but the face of rescue. Selfishly, my most favorite memory will always be her endless, sweet kisses which made her fabbie dad a wee bit jealous.  When times were RUFF  she would always  bring me calm and happiness. I so often joked to my peeps that she was my Valium  Zanax & Wine all wrapped in an exquisite bundle of fur. Goodbye my sweet girl– til we meet again.

In Loving Memory of “Cookie”

From Cookie’s mom:“Very sad to tell you our beloved Cookie ended her final camping trip on Monday night. Cookie was diagnosed with oral mast cell tumor in February. It was a high grade tumor with a miotic index of 146! (Should be below 5) with a poor prognosis (2-3 months). Surgical excision and/or radiation would have removed her right upper jaw and nose, still with a poor prognosis. Both the dental surgeon and oncology doctors weren’t in favor of this course. We tried chemo, but she did not respond to treatment. We chose to provide palliative care and enjoy every minute we had with her. She gave us an additional 3 bonus months (she must have known a camping trip was on the calendar).  On Monday, within 24 hours, she went from being her usual playful self to the cancer in her mouth just exploding and invaded the nasal cavity, etc. She was such a fun character!  A great companion who loved fishing, camping, anything that involved going for a ride, and never lost her puppy exuberance despite being 13 yrs old. 
Thank you for finding her for us!!  She was such a good companion, George’s ‘therapy dog’ and a joy to everyone. We will miss her dearly.”
🌈We are all sending our loving, thoughts and prayers to Cathy & George in the loss of their beloved angel girl, Cookie. She will always remain in your heart, loving thoughts and beautiful memories until you meet again🌈
Thank you for providing Cookie such an extraordinary, loving forever home. 

In Loving Memory of “Amy Barone”

Amy King Barone and her beloved dog, “Joy”

April 13, 1966 to June 6, 2022

♥️🙏🌹In Loving Memory of Amy Barone🌹🙏♥️
Our hearts go out to Amy’s Family and Friends in the loss of such a beautiful lady inside and out. Always so loving, caring, nurturing, and truly an animal lover.

Amy adopted Joy from Destiny for Dogs.  I personally had the pleasure of performing the adoption and the chance to meet and get to know Amy. She was truly an angel on earth. Amy and Joy were a match made in Heaven. Joy brought so much joy to Amy. I took this beautiful photo of Amy and Joy which reflects the love, happiness and special bond that they instantly shared.  I was blessed to know Amy for only a short time however felt like I knew her forever.

Amy was truly gone to soon💔 

It is an honor that Destiny for Dogs has been chosen to honor Amy’s Life and “In Loving Memory” of such an extraordinary person.  

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who knew and loved her. Plus all the lives Amy touched to make our world a better place.

With Our Deepest Sympathy,
JoAnn Goodrich and the Destiny for Dogs Family🌹

Rest in Peace Haley

From Haley’s mom: “This morning we said good bye to our sweetie-pie, Haley.  We were blessed to have had her in our family.  We called her sweetie – pie because she was so sweet.  It will take time getting used to her not being with us on all our journeys but she is in our hearts forever.  Thank you Wendy Fier Lustgarten and JoAnn Goodrich and Destiny for Dogs, an amazing rescue that brought her into our lives.  Miss you already ❤️😢”
Haley was beautiful inside and out. She will be missed by all she touched.  The Destiny for Dogs Family is sending lots of love, healing thoughts in the loss of your beloved, Haley💔

RIP Roxy and Cali Girl

Cali was our 16 year old Golden Retriever who passed in February 2022 from old age and Roxy was our sweet angel we adopted many years ago and her approximate age was 13 who passed in May 2022. Roxy finally succumb to her long time Cushing’s disease that she was being treated for since she was diagnosed many many years ago. Both lived so much longer than anyone thought as they were so loved and happy. Roxy and Cali were ready to move out of Florida and go on a long road trip across country, but they just could not last long enough for the journey of their lifetime. We will miss having our big girls traveling with us. Roxy and Cali are survived by their Chihuahua sister and two cats, Rock Monster and KiKi. RIP our sweet angels.

All our love…Mommy and Daddy

Charlie Girl


💔“We had to say goodbye to our sweet Charlie today. She was loved and cherished from the day we brought her home 12 years ago. Our house will be so empty without her.”💔

Dear Wendy & Michael,  

So sorry for the loss of your beloved, Charlie. She was such a special girl. Always in your heart and loving thoughts until you meet again … just look up🌈


♥️🙏🌹In Loving Memory of Dakota … Gone too Soon🌹🙏♥️

From Sweet Dakota’s Mom:

“Hi JoAnn,

I wanted to let you and the team at Destiny for Dogs know that Dakota lost her battle to kidney failure yesterday. She was only 17 months old.

I found out in early December that Dakota was born was renal deformity that was very severe.

I loved her with my heart and soul. Thank you for being part of bringing us together.

💔We are all so sorry for the loss of this beautiful, sweet, loving girl that was such a fighter. Sending loving thoughts, healing prayers to Dakota’s mom and family💔

♥️Until you meet again, always in your heart and thoughts. Just look up♥️


🐾💕In Loving Memory of Freddie🐾💕

Freddie went to Rainbow Bridge 🌈 Saturday, March 12th💔

He went easy & peacefully in the loving arms of his Fospice Mom, Lynn. This precious, perfect little gentleman will be missed by all he touched. Rest In Peace Angel💔

From Lynn: “Freddie knew that he was loved. That’s all that counts.   

Thank you for letting us foster him. And for letting me try to fix him.”

♥️Thank you Lynn and Joe for taking such wonderful care of Freddie. You are both truly rescue angels♥️

Special “Thank You” to Dr. Liberman for setting Freddie free🌹🌈♥️


♥️This touching story was written by Oliver’s mom, who also created a beautiful video to remember this very special boy who will be missed by all♥️

“Hello, this is Judeene, I adopted Oliver (black shih tzu) back in 2019. Today was a very sad day for me and my family, we had to lay him down today due to his severe cancer.  But I know Oliver is now in no more pain. He was truely a light to us. He knew when I was feeling down and always crawled on me to cheer me up. He was everything and I want to thank you and everyone involved for allowing me to adopt him and for bringing him into my life and also helping us through this process. 

Although its hard to come to the conclusion that he’s gone, he was amazing and a great soul. Oliver will forever be loved 🖤. Thank you for everything.”

🌈🌹We are all so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Oliver. Thank you for being so wonderful, loving and caring to him. Until you meet again, Oliver will remain in your heart and loving memories🌹🌈

🌈In Loving Memory of King

From King’s amazing and loving Dad, Joe💔

“JoAnn, King took ill just over a week ago and he was admitted to a nearby animal hospital on Monday. At first the staff there were optimistic that he’d be returning home soon, though the treatment options for his cancer would be limited. But then he took a turn for the worse yesterday morning, and he died in my arms at the hospital last night.  Everyone whoever encountered him knew him to be the sweetest little guy. I can’t thank you enough for letting him be with me. I only wish it could have been for a longer time. I miss him already. 

Please feel free to post photos and information about King on your website. I have many photos of him. Here’s one, and I’ll send more so you’ll have a variety of choices. 

There are lots more, but for now I will end with the photo that won the local camera store contest.”

To know King was to love him. We are all so sorry for the loss of this beautiful senior gentleman. Our healing thoughts and prayers go out to his Dad, Joe who provided unconditional love and took extraordinary care of his beloved, King. 

🌈Rest In Peace sweet boy at Rainbow Bridge,

Happy Healthy and Whole🌈

RIP Charlie


“♥️You will always be my buddy, you gave me so much joy.  I miss you already Charlie.♥️”

💔We are all so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Charlie and know how much you loved him and what he meant to you💔
Charlie was blessed the day he became your forever fur-baby.
Thank you for providing him such an amazing, forever home filled only with love, happiness and the best that life has to offer.

We are sending lots of love, healing thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. Charlie will always be in your heart and by your side. Until You Meet Again … “Just Look Up!”

Much Love, Hugs & Healing Prayers🐾🙏
💗The Destiny for Dogs Family💗

Laurie Zavalcofsky

🌹♥️In Loving Memory of our very own Kat Ziagos’ beloved sister, Laurie♥️🌹

Dearest Kat, 

We are all so sorry for the loss of your beloved sister, Laurie. Our hearts, love, healing thoughts and prayers go out to you, Bill and your family. 

Laurie will be missed by all however you have another angel in heaven to watch over you. Plus watch over all the babies who you both lost that are now at Rainbow Bridge 🌈 

You are so special and we are all blessed to have you in our lives as we know so many were blessed to have Laurie.

💗We love you dearly💗

🐾The Destiny for Dogs Family🐾

RIP Sweet Meg

💔In Loving Memory of Meg from her mom💔

“With a very heavy heart ♥️ we said goodbye to our Meg. We will miss her soooo much she was such a big part of our lives. We thank you for bringing her into our lives for almost 8 years , she was our little diva….. she was so loved 🥰 & now she is out of pain & with her friends enjoying!!!! Thank you 🙏 you are an amazing beautiful lady for all you do!”

To know Meg was to love her. She will be missed by her mom, dad and everyone she touched. Sending loving thoughts and healing prayers to Meg’s parents.
Rest In Peace sweet girl, you are now happy, healthy and whole running free at Rainbow Bridge until you meet again🌈

RIP Geodi

In Loving Memory of Geodi from his beloved mom, Jackie:

“It’s with much sadness that yesterday once again I had to send another over rainbow 🌈 bridge.  Geodi weighing in at only 6 pounds was mighty and fierce, the rest of the crew ran from you when you were in the mood. You came to me six years ago with your brother and you’ve been searching for him since he left us nine months ago. Now the two of you can be together again.  We’re going to miss you little guy but Zen & Laci are waiting for you.  Thank you Destiny For Dogs and JoAnn Lewis Goodrich for everything you do to help these voiceless critters and letting me give these guys a home when you did. RIP Geodi.  We love you!”

RIP Sweet Mochie


💔I lost my beautiful and good, one of a kind baby boy Mochie, Monday on the full moon. So deeply truly saddened. Had him for almost 2 years, was sick for 1 year. Mochie loved riding in the car, loved his foodie, loved walking, loved resting and sleeping late! Vet came to house yesterday, said he wasnt good. Mochie had been fading for some months. Mochie went to sleep in yard, as best he could, beautifully and peacefully. I will get his ashes next week💔

🌈For those who knew and loved this very special boy, he will truly be missed, especially by his mommy. Beautiful Boy, Rest In Peace at Rainbow Bridge where you are now, Happy, Healthy and Whole🌈

Cooper Made it to Heaven

💔In Loving Memory of Cooper💔

From Cooper’s amazing mom:
“Hi. It’s Abby. Just wanted to let you know that Cooper crossed over the rainbow bridge today. He was very sick. I couldn’t watch him suffer anymore. But I wanted to thank you for letting us love him and trusting us with him. And I wanted you to hear it from me. Thank you so much for everything.”

Cooper was a very special fella. He hit the doggie lottery with his caring, loving, patient, mom and dad. They provided Cooper an extraordinary life.

Sending loving thoughts and healing prayers to Cooper’s family. Until you meet again, always with you and in your heart …
“Just look up.”

🌹Rest In Peace, Beautiful Boy🌹

In Loving Memory of “Baby”

💔Our hearts are breaking for Baby’s moms. They were the most amazing fur parents. Baby  will always be in their hearts and loving thoughts. We are all sending our healing prayers🙏
Until they meet their Baby again at Rainbow Bridge🌈

🐾💕Just Look Up🐾💕

“It’s with a very heavy heart to let you know we lost Baby.  She was very sick with a heart murmur/enlarged heart the doctor said she is young with a old heart. We loved her so much as you loved your Babies. The loss is tremendous we will all never be the same. Thank you for bringing her into our lives and saving her.  Our hearts are broken, we could not have had a more special Baby. All the Kisses and Love she brought to us everyday. Like Helen Reddy’s song “The Memories Alone will have to do.”
Much love to you. Thank you for being such a good friend to us.”

RIP Pupster

Dear Michael & Colleen, 

We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved Pupster💔

Thank you for taking such great care of Pupster. He was one fortunate pup to have you both. 

Until you meet again, always in your heart and loving thoughts♥️🐾🌈

RIP Frankie


🐾💕Thank you for providing Frankie such a loving forever home🐾💕

🙏Rest In Peace sweet, beautiful and amazing angel. Until you meet again, you will remain in your parents loving thoughts and prayers🙏

JoAnn’s Sophie

💔We said “goodbye” to our beloved, Sophie Friday, 05/21/21 when Dr. Linda Abbott, set her free. Sophie went peacefully in our arms. This beautiful, happy, loving girl who always wagged her tail is at peace, no more pain, and now “Happy, Healthy & Whole.”💔

🌈Angel Girl, Run Free at Rainbow Bridge. You will always remain in our hearts and loving thoughts, until we meet again🌈

♥️We love you dearly and miss you much♥️

JoAnn’s Baby “Monk”

Destiny for Dog’s founder “JoAnn Goodrich” lost her beloved Monk on January 30, 2021. Monk lived a long healthy and loving life and his only problem was getting old! JoAnn and Kenny Goodrich will miss him dearly and he will be remembered for years to come. Wishing you both comfort and peace during this difficult time. Love from all your volunteers and friends.

Sad News From Charlie’s Dad

“It Is with my deepest sadness that I write and let you know that Charlie crossed The Rainbow Bridge last night.  Wednesday night he had a first seizure and I rushed him to the emergency room. Medication worked and he was fine and good all day Thursday.  Last night however Charlie had another in the middle of the night, I rushed him back to the Emergency room.  The doctors worked on him for 2 hours to no avail,  they did everything they could to save him. Charlie died in my arms, he was such a good baby I had him almost 5 years.  Charlie wanted for nothing if he needed something he got it . I am heartbroken

 I attached a picture of Mr. Charlie in his own Lawn chair. He was such a big joy to me.




“It is with a very heavy heart I have said goodbye to my little guy today.  It’s only been less than 5 years we have been together but seems much longer.  I’ll never forget when you and your little brother came to me as fosters from Destiny For Dogs, JoAnn Goodrich!  Thank you for giving me the chance to give him his final forever home. You had such a rough life before.  I’m so glad I was able to give you the love and family you deserved these past few years.  Thank you Dr. Matthew Bond for taking such good care of my boy at the end so he didn’t suffer.  I will miss you always ZEN but for now run free!   Until we meet again.”

Merry Christmas in Heaven Buddy

Dear Buddy, 

Your mommy shared this beautiful Christmas photo of you taken before you recently went to Rainbow Bridge🌈 

You were the best boy ever and so loved by your mom and many others. 

Your young life was horrific however thanks to your amazing mom, you lived the long “Happily Ever After” Life that you so deserved🐾💕

Rest In Peace Beautiful Boy. You are now Happy, Healthy and Whole at Rainbow Bridge🌈  

Run Free. 

In Memory of: Dexter


“I regret to inform you that Dexter crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to a cancerous mass in his abdomen yesterday morning. We are heartbroken as he was such a wonderful and protective big brother to our departed Sissy and recent brother Corky.  

Thank you for allowing us to brighten our lives with the love and companionship he gave us. We know he is in the presence of our Lord enjoying a joyful existence.
May God continue to bless and provide grace and mercy to you and your rescue.”