In Memory of: Henry AKA Turbo


From Henry’s amazing mom: 

“Hi just wanted to let you know I had to put Henry to sleep Tuesday:( He only had two good legs and hurt the back one Sunday chasing a squirrel causing a fracture and blown out knee. Henry’s other legs would not have supported him having surgery. 
Like my vet said, Henry did what he loved to do and was loved these last years.
“I always told Henry, you only have 2 good legs left, you better slow it down!! Nope, not with squirrels it was his favorite thing and always go time!!!”

🐾💕Henry led a miserable life… until his mom met and fell in love with him. Henry hit the doggie lottery and was provided everything he never had. Plus many years of love, happiness, nurturing and fun. We are grateful to Henry’s mom for rescuing an older dog and providing a full lifetime of love in just a few years🐾💕

🌈Rest In Peace dear, sweet, Henry. Until you and your mom meet again. You will always be in her heart and loving thoughts 🌈

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