In Memory of : Tico


“It is with profound sadness that we tell you that we lost Tico this morning at about 11:15.  He had been sick about two weeks.  The first ultrasound showed that he had pancreatitis and a suspicion that he had prostate cancer but because of all the inflammation they were not sure.  We had him rescanned today and they found cancer in his bones, lungs, abdomen, colon and prostate.  They said it would be days – maybe a week and he would be gone and in terrible pain.  We could NOT let that happen. 

He was the most loving, sweet, gentle and beautiful soul that ever walked this earth. He deserved to have a long and happy life and I would give everything I own to have made that happen.  He went out of this world the way he lived – sweetly and gently.

We want to thank you for giving us the best year of our life.  We cannot believe how ironic this entire thing has been.  We were to get a Westie female, six years old that was being retired from the same farm our Winchester came from.  She was not supposed to be here until the fall.  We got a call that they had to push up the schedule because of everything that is happening with the virus.  Today is the day she will arrive from NC.  I think my vet put it best.  “He was sent to you to do a job. He was sent to bring joy back in your life after the loss of your beloved Winchester.  His job is done.  It is time for him to rest and then play at the bridge.” We will never forget him.  He will always be close in our hearts and never far from me.  He was my boy and always will be.”

We are all so very sorry for the loss of this beautiful and loving boy. We are also so appreciative to his wonderful parents who did everything possible to save Tico’s life. Thank You. 

Until you meet again, Tico will remain in your heart. Just look Up🌈

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