Pupdate: Bruno

🐾💕THE BEST NEWS PUPDATE FOR BRUNO THE 6 YEAR OLD AMERICAN BULLDOG MIX. Crossposting and sharing really does work to find new loving forever homes and save precious lives🐾💕

From one of Destiny’s awesome prior adopters. We have tears of joy for Bruno. 

“Hello! We picked up Bruno last night. He seems to be adjusting well and our daughter loves him. She was dying for a dog that ran around and played with balls and Bruno is the perfect match for her. He slept in her room last night. She said she loves him! My daughter is virtual for school so she keeps Bruno to herself in her room during class and took him out to play every time she had a break. LOL. 

We have been blessed with two amazing rescue dogs.”

Wishing Bruno, mom, dad, two legged sister and four legged brother, Buddy, Lots of Love, and “Happy Days Ahead!”💗🐾

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