Pupdate: Iggy


“We moved to Washington State in July! We’ve had Iggy for 10 months now. We just celebrated her 5th birthday. I can only imagine how many times she was yelled at or hit for ripping apart a baby (stuffed animal). Well, she’s living her best life now. She loves to rip apart babies (the little monkeys are her favorite), chase balls, and chew Nylabones. Iggy is also a heck of a hiker! We love her as she is!
Michael and I adore her and her mohawk!

Iggy did so great on the move. They all did – 2 dogs and 2 cats. 3400 miles in an SUV. 8 hotels. Then a VRBO for 11 days and then an extended stay hotel for a weeks Whew! They love the new house and almost half acre of land. Iggy also loves chasing all of the critters in the yard. Can’t wait for them to see snow!” 

🐾💕We are wishing Iggy, her mom, dad and fur-siblings “Happy Days Ahead” in their new “Washington State” home🐾💕

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