Pupdate: Molly


“Molly is doing well, has started to come out of her shell. I think she is just feeling better and has really come to life. Full of energy and wants to play. She has even put on a pound or two. Today was the first time she went up the stairs to our house. Molly has really started to enjoy herself. 

I had wanted to get a dog/Molly for the kids. Strangely I am Molly’s favorite. She has me wrapped around her paw. LOL.”

Molly is one fortunate little gal. She was rescued from a backyard breeder. Her puppies were removed while she was still nursing and full of milk. Molly was a mess, and had no trust in humans. Special thank you to her foster mom, Michelle Martin for taking such great care of Molly.  Plus seeing Molly through with her new family🌹

We are wishing Molly and her new family lots of love and only “Happy Days Ahead!”

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