Pupdate: Oliver

🐾💕First picture is Oliver with his foster failure new daddy, Barry, relaxing on a lovely Blankets Made with Love. Second photo is of Oliver relaxing on the couch with “his very own” blanket.  Third photo is Diamond the Rottie standing on her special blanket in her crate. Thank you so very much Trudy Downes and the angels that volunteer with you. The blankets all of you create with love sure make a difference in the lives of sooo many rescue babies🐾💕

💗NOTE: Diamond is going through treatment, once completed she too will be looking for her loving forever home. When time, Diamond will be taking her Blessings Blank made with Love to her new loving forever home.  Diamond is with Rising Star Rottie Rescue. For additional information or to meet and fall in love with this gorgeous girl, please contact Evelyn (561) 386-0514💗

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