Update: Petra now Gracie


“Gracie gets better everyday.  She walks on a leash (sometimes) and now sits (also sometimes).  And oh my goodness does she LOVE Auggie.  She absolutely adores him. She sleeps in our bed along with Auggie and sometimes. Mariel, the cat.  (The cat and Gracie have formed a truce). 

She loves to be outside running in the yard or just laying in the sun. She lays in a “sun spot” like a cat soaking up the heat.  I think it just feels so good to be outside. She is completely potty trained.  All the neighbors are smitten (but who could blame them). Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.  She is such a blessing.”

Gracie was one of 10 Pomeranians rescued from a backyard breeder. All were bad shape, physically and mentally. HUGE THANK YOU to Foster Mom’s Michelle Martin, Jennifer Kelly-strzepka. You have hearts of gold. To our vets and their amazing staff, Linda Abbott , DVM and Evan Kadish, DVM. Plus, Destiny’s Sister Rescue, Have a Heart’s Janice Bagnato Green, Diane Francis, their vet Dr. Butzer and staff. Thanks to Cynthia Clements for picking up nine girls at one time and transporting to Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve. 

Destiny is honored to work with such loving, caring, dedicated, compassionate and committed fosters, rescuers, veterinarians and staff members to get all these angels to the most amazing loving forever homes. 

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