Backstory from Finny Monroe’s “Marvelous Mom.” 

“Hi, looking back at my first emails regarding Finny, I picked him up on July 16, 2022.   That was a great day for me and him.    I told him this morning his new BD is July 4 and per old records he will be 12 years old.”

From his perspective Finny wants to say:

 “Thank you Miss

JoAnn. You saved my life and I am very happy.   I am a Villager now and like all Villagers I’m retired and my favorite sport is riding in a golf cart every evening.  It’s so fun and we stop at a park and I get to smell every tree and blade of grass and then we continue my ride with my hair blowing smartly.  I’m so cute.

I have a favorite activity and that’s leading Mom to the treat counter and getting a bunch of treats put on my own blanket and spread all around.   I go from treat to treat eating away.  That’s so much fun.   I do this about 3 times a day and once again at bedtime.  

My wish for my birthday is that all dogs could find forever home.  My mommy tells me daily she loves me.   I love her too.   I’ve learned to give her kisses.  I don’t ever growl anymore.  I was just so confused until I found a home.  

Thank you again and again Miss JoAnn for not giving up on finding a home for me. Love Finny.”

🐾💕We are wishing Finny & Family continued “Happy Days Ahead!”

Plus we are all thrilled for Finny and the incredible mom who is truly his “Rescue Angel.”🐾💕

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