Abby Lei, 4 Legged Hero and Inspiration to Others (article from on April 21, 2015)

Leia 04Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and genders and most have had a hard start in life.

Abby Lei, a 6 year old Tibetan Wheaton Terrier was rescued from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control in Florida several months ago. Little Abby, like many other dogs has had a difficult start in life. She was found roaming the streets of Riviera Beach, Florida covered in fleas, ticks, dirty matted hair, and starving.

Destiny for Dogs in West Palm Beach, Florida took her in and after a “spa day” Abby was transformed into a beautiful girl outside to match her beautiful soul inside.

Although Abby herself and gone through some hard times, her spirit wasn’t broken and she kept her tail wagging constantly. Abby Lei was able to set aside her own fears and anxieties and be a hero for Chewy, a very scared and frightened Bouvier Irish Wolfhound. Her high spirits were contagious and helped Chewy adjust so well that he was adopted and is now in his loving forever home.

Abby stayed on at Destiny for Dogs and it was soon discovered that she had a lump on her side. Destiny decided to have Dr. Barton at South Dixie Animal Hospital remove the two tumors from Abby Leia’s side. Sadly, the biopsy came back as Mass Cell Cancer. Within 14 days a few other tumors appeared. Leia was seen by Dr. Kosarek, Oncologist who suggested removing the new tumors.

Dr. Barton once again performed Abby Leia’s surgery and was successfully able to remove the entire mass from her leg, getting all the parameters. It was a huge incision and Abby Leia was in a lot of pain. However, still a trooper, she never stopped wagging her tail. Sadly, the biopsy once again reflected Mass Cell Cancer. Thankfully, the Cancer is low grade therefore chemo therapy was recommended by Dr. Kosarek.

Up to this point, Abby Leia’s vet care was almost $2,000 which included the first and second surgery, dental, ultrasound, X-Rays, CBC blood tests, medication and boarding.

Abby Leia is now in a loving Foster Home where she was cared for while healing from both surgeries and now while undergoing chemo therapy. We hope that in the future a special loving forever home will be found for this awesome girl.

Abby Leia receives a chemo pill every other night prior to bedtime. Dr. Kosarek recommended this treatment for a total of six months. Abby is doing great so far with no side effects to date during this two month period.

Abby Leia visits Dr. Kosarek once a month for an exam, CBC Blood Test, and chemo pills. The cost is from $170+ to $200+ depending on the blood and organ levels.

Despite all of her hardships Abby Lei is a true hero, not just by helping Chewy overcome his fears but for everyone she meets. She greets everyone with a smile and keeps her hail wagging. She is not going to let anyone or anything break her spirit. Abby Leia is great with other dogs, large and small, cats, and birds and loves children.

If you would like to assist with Abby Leia’s monthly chemo therapy treatment, any amount would be greatly appreciated. Donations may be made via Destiny’s website via PayPal.

Checks may be mailed to:

Destiny for Dogs 326 Macy St West Palm Beach, FL 33405

All donations are tax deductible and receipts provided.

Thank you for opening your heart to assist Abby Leia.

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” Bob Riley

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