Bagel Keeping Her Tail Wagging In The Face Of Adversity ( on 02-25-15)


BAGEL HOPE ~ WITH BALL FULL BODY WEBOne of the great things about dogs is not only their constant loyalty to their humans, but their resilience in the face of adversity. Something we can all learn from them. For those that already work in the rescue world, they see this day and day out. Dogs coming into the shelters starved, mangled, neglected, and sickly; yet through their pain they will still manage a tail wag, a gentle lick on the hand of their rescuer as if wanting to comfort them when they are the ones that are hurting inside and out.

Bagel, an eight year old Basset mix female was rescued from the Broward Shelter in south Florida. Her journey then took her to a rescue, where she was adopted by what was thought to be her loving forever home.

However, when she started urinating in the house the family decided to return her. They did not realize that this poor girl was suffering from bladder stones for what could have been over a year. Bladder stones are very painful, however Bagel continued to wag her tail and provide love.

Destiny for Dogs rescued Bagel and took her to Dr. Barton’s South Dixie Animal Hospital where she had surgery to remove the stones and the best medical treatment available to cure her. Bagel went to a wonderful foster for two months then onto another long term foster home. Unfortunately, after a year and a half the foster family could no longer keep her.

So once again Bagel was taken out of the home she knew and loved and moved back into rescue. Right now she is sitting in boarding in West Palm Beach, Florida waiting for another miracle, waiting for someone to walk through that door and fall in love with her.

This little gal is approximately 45 lbs., fully vetted, up to date on shots, spayed, micro chipped, housebroken, crate trained, loves people, especially kids, she is great on a leash and in the car. She is not good with dogs or cats.

Due to her recent bout with bladder stones she is on Uroese twice a day to prevent crystallization of her urine. The medicine is inexpensive and important for her overall health.  Although she has had a sad life and bounced from home to home, shelter to shelter she is a very happy dog and only wants to please.

A teenage girl who cared for Bagel wrote this story about her:

“Hi! I’m Bagel! I love to run, jump, play, kiss, and much more. I know lots of cool tricks that will surely entertain you! I’m very loving, loyal, and protective. I can play fetch for hours but, when the time comes, I’m ready to snuggle and cuddle the day away! I love kids and I’m very gentle and kind. I will always be at the door to greet you when you come home; and when you sleep, I’ll never leave your side. I like to be the main protector of the people I love; so, I do very well with male dogs that are my size or smaller. I take less of a liking to female dogs because I’m a princess and my throne is for my scruffy butt only. If I come home with you, I promise I will be a good girl that will steal your heart.
Hugs and kisses, Bagel.”

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