Bagel’s Passing


From Bagel’s loving mom:
Hi Joann,

It is with a heavy heart that I send this email. On Tuesday, October 24, Bagel was put to rest after a very short illness. In March of this year, Bagel went blind due to what the doctor’s believed to be Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS). She still lived a very happy life and we even taught her how to play a modified version of fetch.

During that time, she went on plenty of car rides, played with her other four-legged friends, went to restaurants with me and received plenty of snuggles. In September, days before Hurricane Irma hit, Bagel was diagnosed with diabetes. While she received twice-daily insulin shots, her spirits were high and she never seemed to be in any discomfort.

The weekend Bagel got sick, I was out of town visiting my mom for her birthday. Bagel developed a bloody discharge from her nose and became extremely lethargic. Coupled with her diabetes, it became nearly impossible to treat and stabilize her condition – let alone diagnose the problem. 

I returned from New York late Monday night and went directly to the vet where Bagel was hospitalized. She was in critical condition, but I wanted to give her some time to see if she would turn around now that her mom was home. Unfortunately, Bagel’s condition did not get much better and I had to make the hardest decision of my life the following day.

Before I said goodbye, Bagel gave me one last tail wag. She mustered up the energy she had left to stand for me, although I eventually coaxed her to lay with me in my arms. She slept peacefully with her head on my chest, and this is how she left this world.

My heart breaks every day, but I know that she is in a good place. I am eternally grateful that she came into my life and for that fateful Facebook post that connected me to her and Destiny for Dogs. She changed my life for the better and my life will not be the same without her.

Everyone who met Bagel fell in love with her – from her neverending supply of kisses to her enthusiastic tail wag, she wooed even the mailman and UPS delivery man.

Thank you for bringing Bagel into my life and for all the years your team cared for her. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Bagel sooner.



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