Beautiful Bella

Good New Pupdate.  Bella has been adopted and in her loving forever home.  It was love at first site.

“Of course, dad fell in love with Bella’s photo right away!  So glad I got in touch with you!  Bella is such a sweetheart.  What a love!  We are home.  She is busy investigating the house.  Thank you so much for sharing Bella with us!  We just absolutely adore her…we take turns who gets to sleep with her!  She is just a total love.  Thank You, They You, Thank You!”

Destiny for Dogs love all our happily ever afters. Bella is so deserving of her new loving forever parents.  A special “Thank You” to the prior adopters, Jim and Alan Peden for rescuing Bella.  Sadly, Jim and Alan’s neighbor across the street passed away and Bella was roaming the neighborhood (see the before and after photo, the after photo with the foster family and the final photo of Bella’s new mommy and daddy).

A shout out to Dr. Linda Abbott, Lynn McGrew and staff at the Animal Clinic as Wellington Reserve for the excellent veterinary care.  Also, a special thanks to foster mom’s, Clair and Ruby for all the TLC.

Many thanks to Joy Drasher at The Clip Joint for working her magic on grooming  Bella.  It does take a village and Destiny for Dogs is so fortunate to have such amazing “Villagers.”

We are all wishing Bella, Mom & Dad, “Happy Days Ahead!”
Lots of Love & Thanks to all

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