🐾💕Good News Pupdate from Bentley’s “New Forever Family🐾💕

“I took this “first” picture of Bentley tonight after dinner and Zoomies.  Doesn’t he look so happy?!! Here is a pictures of me and my mom with Bentley.  He is doing really well and brings us such joy and laughter. 

Destiny for Dogs is certainly a wonderful rescue.  I am so glad Bentley was with your organization as it has been nothing but a positive experience.  I love that you keep both the adopter and former owner in the loop. I can’t thank you enough.  

P.S.  My mom is also almost as happy as Bentley is.  That makes my heart soar.”

We all just love amazing updates and “Happy Ever After” photos. 

Wishing Bentley and his extraordinary family only “Happy Days Ahead!”

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