Charlie…Never Give up on Love

Charlie was moved from place to place. People only saw his outside which was gorgeous. They didn’t realize what was going on inside Charlie’s head. His way to control fear was to bark, growl, bite to protect himself from being hurt again. 

Charlie’s owner had him for 6 years. Then they decided to move into a condo where dogs were not allowed.  To make a very long and sad story, short and sweet. One day Charlie’s luck changed.  He met his forever mom, for real and forever. Unconditional Love 💗 

Please read the comments below from Charlie’s mom. 
“So my Charlie man only wants to sit on my lap or next to me while I sleep. He has come a long way.  He shakes paws. And gives so many kisses. I have said  many times don’t give up on them.   Charlie makes me laugh every day.” A picture is worth a thousand words. See what love can do🐾💕

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