Is Clyde the Rescue or has Michael been Rescued?

Happily Ever AfterThis little guy has made it a long way from when you “Destiny for Dogs” saved him, which I am extremely grateful for and I really couldn’t thank you enough for it.  I just wanted to let you know that Clyde is doing great, gets along with other dogs and can even balance treats on his nose!  He is one of the most patient dogs I’ve ever seen.  When I feed him he watches me fill the bowl and waits for me to tell him okay, and when giving him a treat all you have to say is “gentle” and he takes it so sweetly with his teeth.  We have made him into the best dog we can, everyone is impressed how well he listens for not even being a year old, and he doesn’t bark at the neighbors dogs when they are barking through the fence at him, he just ignores them and lays down.  He is truly one of the greatest things that’s happened in my life in a long time.  For a while I was down, and now whenever I feel down I just look over at Clyde and I feel better knowing I saved him and that he loves being here. 

Thank you so much, you are a hero and I hope you keep changing lives!


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