“Coco is doing wonderful. She’s so loved and an amazing dog.  Coco saved me from a broken heart” 

Thank you for placing her in our care.

Her nickname is Coco Bunny. 

Coco has 2 new sisters (Chanel & Cookie) She plays well with them. 

They love her and respect her. 

I’m truly in love with my Coco. Thanks for letting us adopt her.”

Precious little Opal now Coco had a very rough start in life as a “breeder dog.” Sadly, Coco never knew the meaning of love, a tender touch, or a gentle voice.  She was a “money-maker” not a family member. 

Coco was in horrible shape and had a HUGE bladder stone (X-Ray above). Special “Thank You” to Linda Abbott, DVM & Lynn Mcgrew (Also Foster Mom) & Staff for taking such great care of her. 

The day Coco met her new mom was the first day of the rest of her “Happily Ever After” life with unconditional love and tenseness. 

Once again, “A photo is worth a thousand words.” Enjoy Coco’s New World”

It does take a Village to save precious lives. We adore and appreciate our “Villagers”

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