Dex Update!!

Happily Ever After with 2nd family 01Happily Ever After with 2nd family 02Happily Ever After with 2nd family 03

What a wonderful update on Dex since he has been adopted.  Here is a little note from his new family.



I have attached 3 photos as you can see Dexter is making himself apart of the family and pack. He points at ATV’s, golf carts and the tractor it is the funniest thing.   He now loves that tractor and in the photo it is raining and when it is running he wants to be right next to my husband…like our other mastiff, he had his concerns about the tractor lots of barking etc, but now loves it. 

He also loves the big dog with the tail that lives on the 20 acres next to us, he and this dog run back and forth wearing each other out…I smile as that is what our other mastiff did.  

You can see he sort of joined in on the squirrel hunt, not really knowing what the fuss was all about. But he liked all the barking!

In so many ways Dex lives in the spirit of our dearly departed Zulu. He has taken to Zulu’s spot in the living room when we watch television.  It was a big battle when he 1st arrived to keep him off the couch, as he must have been allowed to do this in his last life.  But, he gets all the rules here and really is a good dog.

We are happy he is a part of our pack.

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