Dixie Mae now known as Twix

IMG_4006IMG_4023Dixie Mae has found the perfect home and her new name is Twix.  She has a new canine sibling named Rolo and it appears they are going to be best friends.  Below is a message from the new family:

“Just wanted to thank you for letting us take Dixie who is now, Twix (or Twixie).  She slept the whole car ride home.  She is precious and SO FULL of energy!  I think she gave Rolo a run for his money.  We had them meet in the field behind our house and then we all walked together for a bit, then went inside the house.  From the second we got inside till when we told them it was time to go to sleep (because I don’t think Twix would have stopped on her own…Rolo was so ready to sleep), she did not stop running around, playing with Rolo, or taking out almost every single toy from our toy bin.  She ate a nice big bowl of food.”

Thank you again!!

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