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Destiny for Dogs, keeping pets with senior citizens in West Palm Beach, Fl


For anyone who has ever owned a dog, we can attest to the fact that they enrich our lives, inspire us and make us better people.

For JoAnn Goodrich, her experience with a feisty, spirited little Cairn Terrier prompted her to form the group Destiny for Dogs to help all dogs in need.

It all started when her and her husband’s Cairn Terrier Benne gave birth to a litter of puppies in their bedroom. One of the puppies was stillborn but JoAnn’s husband performed CPR and gave the puppy life. When it came time to find homes for the puppies, he looked into the big brown eyes of the puppy he saved and just could not let her go. He knew they were destined to keep her and appropriately named her “Destiny”.

Destiny, like all dogs got into some mishaps in her life that could have been life threatening but each time she pulled through She was a feisty little dog with the strong will to live. But even the most spirited dog or person can fall prey to Cancer and even their strong will to live is not enough to pull them through.

At 9 years old, Destiny was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer which has no cure. The vet treated her medicinally and she led a pretty normal life until the night before JoAnn herself had to have a surgery. That was when Destiny started to limp. But she knew she had to hang in there to help her mama and stayed by JoAnn’s side while she was recovering as she had so many times before.

Right after JoAnn’s surgery, Destiny’s legs became paralyzed. JoAnn knew this was God’s way of telling them it was time to let her go. She and her husband provided Destiny with lots of love, treats and pain medicine. They wanted to care for and comfort her as she had cared and comforted JoAnn during her illnesses.

A few days later the vet came to the house and while JoAnn was lying on the bed with Destiny, they had her put to sleep in the room she was born in. Destiny’s mother Benne was still alive at the time. When Destiny was put to sleep, Benne let out a howl as if to say good bye to her baby girl.

JoAnn and her husband were blessed to have Destiny for 9 years. She inspired them with her spirit and loyalty, they could not let her be forgotten.

Today JoAnn runs Destiny for Dogs in West Palm Beach Fl, named after this amazing dog. One of the many things Destiny for Dogs does is assist seniors in keeping their beloved pets in their homes. This is done by providing them with donations of food, supplies and veterinary care, short term foster care in the event of an emergency, assistance with planning to ensure the pet will be cared for in the event the owner is no longer able.

But Destiny for Dogs’ work does not end here. They also rescue and place dogs in need. They have a small facility within their vet’s office, Dr. James Barton’s clinic in West Palm Beach, Fl. They also use the services of Rescue Destination to house dogs needing quarantine before going to their foster homes.

As with all rescues, Destiny for Dogs’ need is great. They are in constant need of donations, foster homes, and of course permanent homes for the rescue dogs in their care.

Visit their website at www.destinyfordogs.com . It also offers educational and medical advice for pet owners.

It all started with one little dog named Destiny whose destiny was to touch the lives of her owners and continue to touch and inspire lives long after her 9 short years.

“The dog is the most faithful of animals and would be much esteemed were it not so common. Our Lord God has made His greatest gifts the commonest.”
– Martin Luther

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