Finny on His Way to “Happily Ever After”

Finny’s owner had to leave the country and was heartbroken that he was not able to take his beloved 11 year old Pomeranian with him. He tried to find a new home for Finny on his own to no avail due to behavioral issues💔
Thank you to Sharon Harper and Suely Aurebach for contacting Destiny about Finny🌹

Special “Thank You” to foster parents Mark, Susan Brokaw-Garfinkel & son, Gregory for taking such extraordinary care and going that extra mile to get Finny to his new loving forever home. No words to express Destiny’s appreciation. 

From Finny’s new mom: “Finny is a beautiful boy and I’m very glad his prior “sleepover” was not a perfect match.  He needed time and understanding as he was bewildered and frightened himself. Finny is still getting used to everything but has come a long way.  A good example, he is now sleeping on my bed.  He also knows putting his leash on means going outside and he goes straight to door.  Finny walks 3 miles daily without fail, eats his dog food & treats, and sits on couch with both of us.  He is a lovely dog perfect for our family.

We are happy he is in our care because he needs a lot of nurturing.  I think Finny may have been passed around more than one time.  He has a personality that can be misunderstood as aggressive. But I see as quickly excitable, he will calm down very quickly with simple, firm voice commands and gently touching him physically.  Then it’s over, he is such a good boy. 

Finny jumped in my lap for the first time because of thunder. Since that night he’s been jumping up on me when I sit down in a big enough seat for two.  He’s turning into a lap dog who loves being petted and massaged.  I was fascinated by his evolving personality in just 7 days.  He had it all in him but he was frightened by all the chaos. Oh yes, he’s surprisingly turning into a love bug. Perfect chance to brag about my little boy, Finny. He is such a good baby and I feel so lucky to have gotten him.

Please tell new owners of rescues to give these dogs a chance to warm up and feel safe again. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir but Finny is a perfect example of a dog who just needed, space, time, patience and love to adjust. I’m sure Finny still loves his owner. But I’m also sure Finny is happy and settling in with two retirees who give him around the clock attention as their “only child”
I see now that you really have a tough job placing dogs in appropriate homes!  Adult dogs are a whole different story than puppies.  God bless you! Finny’s home for good.  He’s not coming back.”
♥️We are all so grateful for the commitment, dedication, determination, patience, understanding and unconditional love that this terrific couple has provided Finny. They changed his life by taking a chance. This is what love can do♥️
🐾💕We are wishing Finny, his mom, dad, lots of love, the best of everything and only “Happy Days Ahead .”🐾💕

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