Finny’s Update

🐾💕Sweet Pupdate from Finny’s Mom🐾💕

“Story for the day…I will have had Finny Monroe for 3 months October 15.   Yesterday at groomers when I tried to leave Finny he literally and repeatedly cried and cried loudly and kept trying to jump into my arms.  I’ve never seen this from any dog ever.  It was like he was begging me to take him and not leave him. It was the very sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  I think Finny thought I was leaving forever.  When I came back he was so happy and went charging out door and started looking for our car.  He just wanted in our car knowing he was going back home.   So sweet. He loves his mama.  He is a one person dog.  It isn’t a male as you thought. He just bonds with his human and that’s definitely me.

Thank you Jamie Corbin. This is truly a heartwarming story💙Just love Finny’s hairdo. Such a very deserving and special gentleman. Thank you for loving Finny unconditionally🐾💕

Special “Thanks” again to Finny’s Foster Family Gregory, Mark & Susan Brokaw-Garfinkel for going that ”extra mile” for Finny🌹

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