Happily Ever AfterFrankie’s foster mom loved him so much she has decided to keep him so he can live happily ever after with his sister Gracie.  Thank you Barbara for taking such good care of Frankie and showing him real love.  Welcome to the “Foster Failure” gang.


  1. Barbara P says:

    When Frankie came to me, I thought I was just helping another dog get healthy, get some socializing, to make him a better candidate for adoption into a forever home. He is a charmer, a guy with explosive energy, and a trickster.

    Terriers are special, I’ve had them for 20+ years, and have never found two alike. Most are escape artists, some are diggers (“Terrier” means “earth dog”) and fence climbers. They are easily distracted by anything that moves. Some say that Jack and Parson Russsells (same breed, different registries – I prefer the “Jack” Russell registry) to house train, but with patience and absolute consistency it happens. And I understand their need for “a job” 24 hrs a day.
    Frankie was a challenge, but I loved him from the git go. He was wary for a couple of weeks, but one day he came to me, and I didn’t have to corner and catch him. He stood still, raised his eyes, and looked at my face. And that was the day that I became the first person he ever trusted completely. Who can give up an animal who thinks that you’re God?
    Glad to be a “foster failure.”

  2. Barbara says:

    Very rewarding, rescuing, fostering, for several years. Didn\\\’t want to \\\”own\\\” another dog, didn\\\’t need another dog in my small house. Plus, I\\\’m getting older, and this is a young dog. Chances are that I will outlive him. But this one had me from day one. My hairy problem child, home at last, and my life is happier because he\\\’s in it.