Gracie is a loyal, sensitive, intelligent, loving dog who is eager to please. She is house trained and passed basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience classes with flying colors (although she isn’t a fan of heeling in the real world). She loves to swim, go to the dog park, and perform for treats. She will be an amazing companion for the right family, but she needs people who understand her breed.

Like most Belgian Malinois, Gracie is a working dog, an athlete, and a proud protector. She needs room to run, things to chase, and tasks to perform. She needs the security of a pack and firm leadership from an authority figure she respects. In return, she will be a faithful friend for life. Gracie will thrive in a home with a securely fenced back yard and no cats. She also needs at least one other dog, because she has separation anxiety when left alone. She doesn’t mind children, but is better with older kids. Please open your hear and home to this stunning and amazing girl.  Please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or for additional or to meet Gracie and fall in love.

Here is a link to a full profile:

Gracie and her New Dad

Gracie and Forever Dad



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