Honey – Update


“I truly cannot thank JoAnn Lewis Goodrich enough for all that she does for these seniors. That woman is going straight to heaven. All these dogs at this point are only looking for a loving home and an obvious comfy couch. Never will I regret adopting a senior.. They still have so much to give and are so very grateful. As you can see Honey Baby already feels at home. Does she have a few minor health issues? Yes, but nothing that some meds cannot take care of. It is because of my circus dog Molly that I am able to do this. The joy that she brought me in the year we had together I would not have traded for the world. I implore anyone looking to adopt please dont forget these older dogs, believe me, they will thank you tenfold.”

🐾💕Please consider adopting a senior dog. They have so much love to give and are so appreciative🐾💕

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