In Loving Memory of “Cookie”

From Cookie’s mom:“Very sad to tell you our beloved Cookie ended her final camping trip on Monday night. Cookie was diagnosed with oral mast cell tumor in February. It was a high grade tumor with a miotic index of 146! (Should be below 5) with a poor prognosis (2-3 months). Surgical excision and/or radiation would have removed her right upper jaw and nose, still with a poor prognosis. Both the dental surgeon and oncology doctors weren’t in favor of this course. We tried chemo, but she did not respond to treatment. We chose to provide palliative care and enjoy every minute we had with her. She gave us an additional 3 bonus months (she must have known a camping trip was on the calendar).  On Monday, within 24 hours, she went from being her usual playful self to the cancer in her mouth just exploding and invaded the nasal cavity, etc. She was such a fun character!  A great companion who loved fishing, camping, anything that involved going for a ride, and never lost her puppy exuberance despite being 13 yrs old. 
Thank you for finding her for us!!  She was such a good companion, George’s ‘therapy dog’ and a joy to everyone. We will miss her dearly.”
🌈We are all sending our loving, thoughts and prayers to Cathy & George in the loss of their beloved angel girl, Cookie. She will always remain in your heart, loving thoughts and beautiful memories until you meet again🌈
Thank you for providing Cookie such an extraordinary, loving forever home. 

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