In Loving Memory of “Honey”


“Please Mary, tell me, that you were there waiting for Honey – that you held her as I had to let her go…and that the two of you are running happily together again.  Miss you both! Honey 3-11-2024” 

Please also keep Honey’s mom, Laura in your loving thoughts & prayers as this is truly heartbreaking beyond words: 

Honey’s mom, Mary passed away, September 18th, 2022 after being in a coma. Honey’s other mom, Laura was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.  She waited to start therapy, then had a severe reaction and had to stop.  The following day her beloved fur baby, Honey ended up in the hospital and she never left Honey’s mom, Laura was hoping she would have her furbaby next to her during chemo.  

From Laura, Honey’s surviving mom:

“Honey was very loved.  She was Mary’s first dog, but it was a real bond between the two of them.  I know that in the future, I will get another doggy so if you see a girl as sweet as our honey, not a big doggy, please let me know.”

We are all so sorry for the loss of Laura’s beloved Mary whom also loved Honey dearly. 

Honey was blessed to have two extraordinary moms who provided her such an incredible and loving forever home.

Rest in Peace Mary & Honey. You are both together “Happy, Healthy & Whole.”

Special thanks to Cheryl & Leo Wellence Jr for being such wonderful foster parents to Honey

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