In Loving Memory of “Yanna”

♥️🐾🌹In Loving Memory of Yanna🌹🐾♥️
Our hearts go out to Yanna’s loving parents who did everything humanly possible to save her life. Plus provided an extraordinary life, endless love and the best medical care. In return, Yanna provided so much love, joy & happiness to her mom, dad and fur-siblings. Yanna will truly be missed by all the lives she touched.   Until you meet again, Yanna will remain in your heart, thoughts and beautiful memories♥️🐾🌹

From Yanna’s mom: 
“It is with a heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to our Yanna girl this morning. We never could have seen this coming as she was doing so well. Yanna started having some heavy breathing for a couple minutes last evening then she was fine. Then it happened again this morning. She ate her breakfast but afterwards laid down in the kitchen. She never does that. We took her to the Vet’s office. The Vet immediately took x-rays, he suspected internal bleeding based on what he saw on the x-rays. They put Yanna on oxygen as the heavier breathing was becoming more consistent. I held the mask on her while the x-rays were sent out to a radiologist to read. Within 30 minutes Yanna’s heartrate started to slow down. The Vet said “she was starting to pass”. The total shock and reality set in. How did this happen so fast? The report came back that Yanna had lymphoma in her lungs and a tumor was bleeding. “There’s nothing you can do”… Dan and I are in total shock never thinking after how well Yanna had been doing that she would pass away this morning. 

Yanna passed with Dan and I right there with her, telling her how much we love her. The pain is unbearable as is the shock of losing her so fast. The Vet is a God send and we are thankful he was there this morning and took care of Yanna, she could not have been in better hands.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful girl. Yanna was pure joy, the most loving, sweetest little girl ever, with an incredible love for life! Every day with Yanna was truly a gift. She was just that special in every way and to everyone that met her, she put a smile on their face. 
Yanna’s Backstory: Yanna was found in a dumpster at 7 weeks old. A passerby heard crying. She pulled her out of the dumpster and immediately took her to a local shelter for care.  Shortly after Yanna was there she got distemper. Thankfully, she pulled through but was left with neurological symptoms. The good news is, I was a volunteer on the weekends at this shelter, and when a wonderful staff member showed Yanna to me, I knew I had to get her out. Her living conditions were not good. My husband and I had previously rescued three distemper survivors from this shelter. We kept two, Sophie and Darren and a nice lady adopted Ginger. 
I was able to get Yanna out of the shelter and to our Vet’s office.  (Sadly, we had recently lost our dog Darren. We were heartbroken, and so was Sophie). Our Vet said “Yanna is a gift from above”, because Yanna reminded us so much of our sweet Darren. Our Vet put Yanna on medications to help with her neurological condition and within weeks she was thriving. Yanna was a true survivor with an incredible love for life. Yanna and Sophie quickly became best friends. Yanna helped heal Sophie’s heart and our hearts. She had her forever loving home with canine siblings and us. Their lives were filled with so much love, happiness, play time and incredible care. Every day was filled with laughter, just watching them play was entertaining. We were incredibly blessed and grateful to have had Yanna for 15 plus years. She had an amazing personality and was so loving, smart and funny. Her beautiful eyes were so full of expression. Yanna and I were never more than a few feet apart from one another in our home. We had an incredible bond, a once in a lifetime. Yanna was and will always be my heart dog as you so lovingly said JoAnn. We love and miss her more than I can say and we always will. 
These pictures of Yanna are some of our favorites! We love her sweet face and beautiful smile!The loss of Yanna is indescribable, our home is so quiet and feels so empty without her. My husband and I are so blessed to have shared our lives with Yanna for so many years. She is loved and missed more than words can say…”

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