In Memory of: Lola

“Two weeks ago, I had to euthanize my precious Lola due to advanced lung cancer. Poor David has lost his soul mate and has been depressed since that sad day. Today, I brought Mr Chico into the fold after some great meetings and a successful play date yesterday. I know he won’t ever replace Lola, but I think David will be happier and more active with another friend around. Thank you Nina and JoAnn Lewis Goodrich at Destiny for Dogs for making this a great transition!”

Here is a great photo of Miss Lola ❤️ and one of the new friends Chico and David! (Chico is the one receiving the peck on the cheek 😁). Just a reminder that there are alway wonderful dogs available for adoption all over the country. So please, when you are considering getting a new pet ADOPT. DON’T SHOP!!🏆


David and Chico

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