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Joey is a 3-year old Corgi-Chi Mix who may be facing the unthinkable – to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge for lack of a stable, loving and permanent home.  For his entire life, he has either been adopted and returned, or bounced from foster home to foster home which none have been able to devote the time, patience and care he needs to learn to live with his special needs.  He has never known true love.

This sweet, lovable, cuddle-bug of a guy can’t process information like most dogs and is easily over stimulated.  He will need to be on medication for life, and is currently working with a veterinarian/behaviorist in Palm Beach to help him learn how to comfort himself and stay calm.  Most of all, he needs a human who is as special as he is and who has the desire to help him live up to his potential.  It is what he deserves!

Joey’s current foster can no longer keep him and boarding is out of the question due to his unique needs.  The lack of stability is exaggerating the affects of this chemical imbalance and his current foster family has little time to devote to his behavioral training.  In short, Joey is out of options and out of time unless we can find him a human who can and will love him for life.

Joey is full vetted and current on vaccinations.  These are his special adoption needs that Destiny for Dogs wants to maintain:

  1. Adopter needs to live within one hour of West Palm Beach.
  2. Adopter must be willing to travel to West Palm Beach at least 2 times a year to meet with the veterinarian/behaviorist who has been working with Joey.
  3. Ideal home is one or two adults (seniors or retirees preferred), no children and no other pets.  If grandkids visit it would be best for Joey to be in a separate room so he can stay calm.

All serious inquiries please contact JoAnn Goodrich at 561-313-2005 or

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