Josey a Hero!!

josey_emailRead Josey’s Happily Ever After Story by his Owner, Tinka…

One major highlight this year was the adoption of our crazy but cute dog Josey.  In a split second and before we knew it we had a new family member….only to realize that it was just like having a new toddler at home, who required a ton of work and attention.  At times I didn’t know if him stealing my socks and underwear was cute or would drive me insane. Whether him barking up a storm every time someone comes to the door made me feel safe or like losing my mind.  Since the beginning weeks though, he has calmed down quite a bit. When we got him we were told he had been tied to a tree for 6 months prior.  I think he feels secure now and knows he is loved. Plus, he earned major carma points and, “ok fine we are keeping you” points, when he saved not one animal but two from drowning in our canal behind our house by barking and barking till Chris and I finally checked on what was going on and saw those two poor little creatures on separate occasions.  Both animals, one giant beautiful cat and one small pug dog survived and are doing well – and Josey is our new, slightly crazy, hero.

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