“JoAnn, I’m forwarding to you a webpage from a local camera store that runs a weekly contest. This past week the theme was dogs. There’s a long story behind these photos and how they ended up as winners in the contest. Briefly, I took the black and white photo of King on my front porch. The color photo was taken by a neighbor while I was walking King near the neighbor’s home – that’s my leg and foot in the photo. I didn’t know at the time that the photo was taken – telephoto lens. But the combination of the two photos has led to King’s being crowned by the camera store as “King of Warrenton.”

King is now a “Superstar” and Crowned, “King of Warrenton.” Such a precious and deserving senior guy. King had a rough life until Jim drove from Virginia to Florida a few years ago to adopt and provide an extraordinary loving forever home.

We love these heartwarming pupdates from our adopters. They bring a smile to our face and warm our heart💗

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