Lila has been reborn on 3-19-13

Lila in BedMeet Lila.  Lila was dumped in the road with two other dogs.  A good samaritan scooped up this little girl and contacted Destiny for Dogs where she was immediately taken to the vet where she had such a bad ear infection that pus was coming out of them.  She then had to be taken to the groomer where she had to be completely shaved because of the severe matting, fleas had to be killed and washed away, and toenails clipped.  Lila still had milk in her breast and appears to have been a puppy mill dog.  A lovely woman heard about Lila and took her in and has now made her a part of her life and tells us that she feels blessed to have found this sweet angel.  We would like to thank all those who helped this sweet angel:

Bayview Animal Hospital (954-771-8520) in Fort Lauderdale – for providing discount services to help Lila heal.

Lily Belle’s (954-772-8177) in Fort Lauderdale – for providing free grooming services.

Lynne Lichtman ♥♥♥♥– for becoming Lila’s new mommy and providing all the love and attention she will need to know what it is like to be a “princess


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