Logan Thanks Everyone


The comments below from Logan’s new mom, Mary which will warm your heart💗

“We are so grateful to Destiny for Dogs.  Special thanks to JoAnn and Rona for bringing Logan into our lives.  Our hearts were broken after losing both our beloved fur babies within seventeen months.  Logan is our first boy! He is gentle and lovable and has fit right in like he’s been here forever.
Logan is doing great and getting more expressive every day.  He is going on his first official family road trip to South Georgia. And every day is take your dog to work day around here! He is a gem. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.
We love Logan!!!! XOXO💗”

Logan’s new mom, Mary also sent this personal message Foster Mom, Rona Sakson:

“Rona, Logan had a full day and is conked out waiting for Dr Hart to arrive to meet and greet.  He is doing really good.  Thank you for taking such good care of him and helping him to become his best.  He is adorable and we love him. From the bottom of our hearts we are grateful to you.  I know it was hard to have him go and I understand why. Thank you. 💗”

Logan’s Backstory:
Logan was rescued by the Grand Bahamas Humane Society. He lived his entire life outside. Destiny for Dogs was happy to take Logan and Simba (both heartworm positive) under rescue. Simba’s “quick kill” treatment was a success and Logan is still undergoing the slow kill. Simba was adopted immediately and is doing great. Sadly, Logan was adopted and returned as his new owner became ill.

Thank You Lynda Poggie Carlson for transporting Logan & Simba from the airport to Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve. Thank you to Dr. Linda Abbott, Lynn Mcgrew and Staff for taking such great care of Logan and Simba during their treatment. And “Special” to Foster Mom, Rona for taking such extraordinary care of Logan, which truly took time, dedication, patience and unconditional love.💗

“It does take a village and we have the most amazing villagers.💗”

💗Logan truly hit the doggie lottery finding such extraordinary, loving, caring and nurturing new parents. We are all wishing Logan, mom and dad, “Happy Days Ahead!”💗

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