“Minnie is still doing great and everyone loves her in my condo association. I would not know what to do without her, we all call her “Miss Minnie Mouse!” She is so precious! Just does not like to ride in her car seat, wants to sit between the door and me … I guess her other mother allowed that. Minnie shakes so badly, I’ve tried to medicate her to go out in the car but it didn’t work . So I changed her veterinarian to Shores Animal Hospital because they’re only a few miles from where I live. When they were trying to get urine from Minnie they had the ultrasound on her and saw that she had gallbladder problems.  So it was good that I had switched veterinarians. Minnie’s gallbladder is being kept under control with medication. It’s not really a problem however it would’ve been if we hadn’t found it when we did. So everything is good and I can’t thank you all enough for what you do. Hugs, Pat & Miss Minnie 💕Of course!”

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