Miss Bella even Happier!!

Happily Ever After 02 Happily Ever After 04Hi, Aunt JoAnn wanted a story about me and how I am doing at my forever home.  I asked my mommy to tell my story, she said I would have to tell it and she will type it.  That is only fair.  My name now is Bella, my mommy calls me Miss Bella, which means “Beautiful”.  I know my name and come running when I am called.  I am about 5 years old, and I was abandoned in the woods hungry cold and full of ticks and fleas.  I was found and brought to my Aunt JoAnn at Destiny for Dogs; I was in a foster home for a little while until my mommy’s pet sitter Jan sent my mommy my picture.  Mommy said she called about me right away and she came to meet me and we both bonded.  She said she wanted to take me home right then and there. The next day October 19th which is now my new birthday I came to live here with my new mommy and Daddy and sister and brother, I will let you know about my sister and brother later on in my story.

I was a little scared about being here, because I did not know where I was going next.  I felt I did not belong anywhere anymore.  I was very skittish, and afraid I went out to the backyard and did not see the pool and fell in twice so mom will not let me out there alone.  She is too over protective.  I remember and I won’t go over there anymore.  I am doing much better. I get a little nervous when I ride in the car, but we do fun things I found out and it’s not so scary anymore.  I used to be a bad girl and piddled in the house a lot, I told you I was scared.  Now I am fully housebroken, thanks to my mommy’s persistence.  I met my grandma a couple of weeks ago too, we went to visit her and I sat with her the whole time. She did not want me to go.  Grandma we will be back!  Here is a picture of my grandma holding me.

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